Music Mondays ~ Dark Road by Annie Lennox

I love this song when I’m baking, something I only do around Christmas time. It’s a sad song, but it reminds me of changes I’ve gone through.

For years, I observed Hannukah, not Christmas. It was a lifetime ago, and god only knows why this song brings up such old memories.

Don’t worry, I’m not crying into the batter.




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9 responses to “Music Mondays ~ Dark Road by Annie Lennox

  1. Singalong to Eden’s Edibles…

    Good choice of song; beautiful, despite the melancholy and, as ever with lyrics from great songwriters, poetic too.


  2. Haunting. Has me staring at that spot.


  3. Always been a big fan of her music…


  4. Jason Darrick | @JasonDarrick

    I’m still more of a fan of Walking On Broken Glass, but Annie has such an amazing catalogue of music to choose from, it’s hard to narrow.


  5. It’s been awhile since I’ve heard that one. She’s one of the best.


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