Photos of my Book Signing for Spring into Summer

Screen shot 2012-12-01 at 2.37.56 PM

Date: Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Location: Ben McNally Books, Toronto

Adult gifts donated byGood for Her

Find out what was included in the gift bags here.

* * * *

My book signing for Spring into Summer was lovely and filled with old friends and new. Readers were also able to pick up a copy of Fall into Winter, my first book.

Thanks so much to everyone who came out on a chilly evening to show your support, and also to those who ordered books ahead of time because they couldn’t attend.

You have my deepest gratitude,


* * * *

Readings from:

Another Hotel Room by Steven Marty Grant, because so many of his words inspired mine.

Hit the link to buy a copy

Buy your copy now!


“The Lottery” from Spring into Summer

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Approximately 35 pictures courtesy of: John B.



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35 responses to “Photos of my Book Signing for Spring into Summer

  1. The event looks like a success. I wish I had been there…You are so amazing..


  2. I’m really glad you had a successful signing, Eden. Great pics too. Well done you!!!


  3. Love your slideshow! Congrats on your signing.


  4. Lance

    one of my favorite pictures is you signing in the background while the two women are pontificating your awesomeness.

    congratulations on the signing. I wish I could have been there to help you celebrate.


    • Lance, hopefully one day we can do a signing together. Wouldn’t that be amazing? You KNOW the music would be good anyway.

      Pontificating my awesomeness? Haha, I think they were pontificating the quality of the wine.

      Thanks for making me laugh!


  5. So highbrow. So…. authory. 🙂


  6. Always brilliant, always beautiful, thank you Eden!


  7. amazing pictures and your crowd looks so happy to see you. youre classy and you rock as usual. YOu are what we all aim to achieve.. awesoness from heaven.. hugs xoxox


  8. Thanks for sharing, Eden! Looks like you enjoyed yourself!


  9. J

    Looks like a great turnout. Congrats on another success!


  10. So incredibly proud of you, Eden. I am so, so happy for you 🙂 It looks like it was a perfect evening. Thank you for sharing. The pictures are fabulous and you look stunning. The inner beauty shines without. ❤



  11. You look so beautiful! And what a great turnout! I’m so happy for you Eden!!!


  12. Darn it, I meant to message you to wish you luck! Looks like you didn’t need it, Eden–so fantastic, so proud of you! XOXOX


  13. Jason Darrick | @JasonDarrick

    So glad that I got to share this night with you, Eden. Congratulations again, it was a wonderful success and it was absolutely wonderful to (finally) meet you! XOXO


  14. You have such fun what ever you do. Great success. I am excited for you, dear!


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