100 Word Song ~ Landslide

It’s been a long time since I’ve entered to write for  ”100 Word Song” at Lance’s  My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog.

The rules are:  Write a 100-word story inspired by a song.

This week’s song is Fleetwood Mac’s  “Landslide.”

Follow Lance at @tlanceb on Twitter, and write your own story.


* * * *

I horked up a phlegmy gob and spit it in my hand. It jiggled like lime-green silly putty. An infection. Fuck. No surprise given two weeks without sleep to meet an impossible deadline. I popped a honey lozenge and sucked it against the roof of my mouth. Medicinal saliva coated my throat providing some relief, but not much.

My eyes watered as I reread the transcripts for the umpteenth time—witness testimony, family impact statements, defense and prosecution documents. Deciding life imprisonment or death for a fifteen-year-old child. What had become of our civilization?

The chokehold around my throat intensified.

* * * *

14 thoughts on “100 Word Song ~ Landslide

  1. Eden, this is really good. Your descriptions really pulled me into the story and kept me wanting to read more. Great writing.

  2. Your description of being sick is disgusting, but in this case that’s good because being sick sucks and you captured the crappy way it feels. The move from being sick with the crud to being sick from an event was perfect.

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