Inside the Mind of @SidKali

I am not exactly sure when  I connected to Sid, but I’m so happy I did. He’s been a constant supporter of my writing from the beginning, and he’s a sweet and kind man I’m happy to call a friend.

His film, PSORO is about fears and phobias, and it’s pretty scary stuff. I’m a fan of horror movies even if I have to watch them with one eye closed and a blanket over my head. He also shoots erotic cinema, and I’ve included links to both his projects. View videos on Youtube by hitting the posters.

Read more about the wonderful filmmaker, Sid Kali, and listen for him tomorrow on Casey Ryan’s ~ The Cutting Room Floor at noon.

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Inside Sid Kali’s Mind

What is your idea of perfect happiness? This could sound totally selfish, but being able to do all things I enjoy in life when I want to. People close to me I’m not a selfish sort of person. I just like to be able to do what I like to do without worrying and counting dimes.

If it’s a trip to the MGM Grand Las Vegas for a weekend of gambling or my hobby of spending money on collecting boxing memorabilia it is what it is.

What turns you on creatively? Erotic fiction and cinema are hot to me. I have absolutely nothing against people in the adult entertainment industry. I was invited to direct in that arena once, but passed on it.

Not for any moral stance or because I’m a prude. To me producers in the adult entertainment industry have always been way ahead of the entertainment game in regards to marketing and digital distribution compared to mainstream studios.

I passed on the offer to direct an adult feature because at heart I’m an erotica fan. I enjoy the subtle way of mixing seduction and nudity without going hardcore with a money shot.

Fantasy Striptease Private Shows is an erotic title Slice of Americana Films produced that is currently available on DVD via Amazon that sums up what personally turns me on creatively.

Indie cinema is a wonderful thing. I ended up connecting with UK based movie maker Wayne Daniells (LiarDice Films) on a horror flick called PSORO that has killer SFX by Paul While (Graphic Delusions) and tremendous actors. Shameless plug for PSOROTHEMOVIE.COM

The cool thing from indie cinema is Wayne and Slice of Americana Films coproducer Tim “Timbo” Beachum and I decided erotic cinema was not dead. Wayne who I call UK Diablo pitched us a retro spin on the title.

Retro-tica! Merging the modern with the time tested classic Erotic cinema and shorts. Bettie Page, Russ Meyer, Pin-up girls 1940’s-1960’s, Cigarette cards, Burlesque sexy and Femme fatales. We will bring nostalgia to all (of age) groups in tasteful and sometimes humorous.

We are currently in post-production on this new erotic cinema producer’s cut with not before seen footage, new look and retro soundtrack. I’m excited about this project.

[Eden] You’ve got so much going on, Sid. Excellent!

Which words or phrases do you most overuse? “It is what it is” and “Shaaaaw!”

What quality do you most admire in a woman? A woman that writes or produces erotic entertainment without feeling shy about it because it comes from her creative heart.

What is your greatest regret?  Foolish reckless decisions made in a past life, but no reason to look back at them now. We live and learn as they say. I have no idea who they are, but they seem to know a lot this THEY SAY.

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? To not be a hypochondriac.

What is your greatest fear? That I would be stuck on island or in the desert or any place with Spike Lee and Oliver Stone. Even a long yellow limo ride with these people would scare me to death.

Which living person do you most admire? My Pops. Cliché answer, but true because it was earned.

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? I would love to finally be a real novelist and finish a book. I personally don’t care for wannabe screenwriters or filmmakers that never finish a project. Right now I’m a wannabe novelist working on my first novel.

I’m a fan of writers that finish books, not only talk about finishing them.

If you could choose what to come back as, what would it be? The Desert Tortoise has life figured out.

What do you consider your greatest achievement? Yet to happen.

What is the trait you most deplore in others? GREED.

What is your greatest extravagance? Yellow limo rides around town when pub crawling with friends.

What is one thing you want to do before you die? Take in all Amsterdam has to offer for a week.

What is your favorite film/director? I don’t have a favorite film director. I do have 4 favorite actors. Clint Eastwood (not for directing, love his acting since Sergio Leone put him on as an actor), Marky Mark aka Mark Wahlberg, Ben Stiller (Zoolander) and Flora Martínez (Rosario Tijeras indie cinema must see).

What are some of your favorite curse words? I hope phrases can work here. “Is this the real shit or the bullshit?” Inside circle knows I use this a lot.

What is your motto? Be a kind soul to others.

Thanks so much Sid for being such a creative force and a true friend to many indies.

Readers, please connect to this wonderful filmmaker. 

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7 responses to “Inside the Mind of @SidKali

  1. What a great guy to bring to your house, Eden. I envy people who can turn visuals into coherent art. Great interview, Sid. It is great seeing a little inside your mind!


  2. danniehill thanks for the kind words. I’m glad Eden took the time and you took the time to read. Cheers!


  3. Terrific interview, Eden!

    Sid, the idea of being stuck with Spike Lee and Oliver Stone is my personal vision of Hell.

    With Bob Dylan singing (mumbling) in the background.


  4. While movie editing is going on PSORO we also have a RETRO-TICA! cinema title being edited. UK LiarDice Films aka Wayne Daniells aka UK Diablo pitched me a great way to showcase erotic cinema with a touch of retro feel and copyrighted RETRO-TICA! Gene Simmons would be proud.


  5. just swimming in your wake sir.


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