Music Monday ~ Walk on the Wild Side

New York City, baby!

There are so many ways to be wild in this city—it’s a matter of degrees.

Tonight I’ll be at the Nexus Lounge, maybe doing a reading or just hanging out.

Come by and say “hi” if you’re around. Meet Mike and all the great artists who will be there.

Follow on Twitter at: @InspiredWordNYC and @MikeGeffner

One of my favorite poets might also be there. If he is, you’ll definitely want to meet the always fabulous and lovely Steven Marty Grant.

In the meantime, here’s Lou Reed doing his thing.





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8 responses to “Music Monday ~ Walk on the Wild Side

  1. Lance

    I’m envious as hell. Have a great time. Perfect artist and song for your adventure.


  2. I wish! And Lou Reed is one of my faves. 🙂

    Girl, have the time of your life on the wild side. Come home safe. xoxoxoxoxox


  3. Have a wonderful time…Wish I was there..


  4. I miss New York City. If I were still living there, I would definitely drop by to say “hi”.


  5. Thanks everyone for your comments. I hope not to make a total ass of myself.


  6. M. Lee

    Eden…have a blast in Nexus Lounge!


  7. Lou really does have that distinct sound… I hope you’ve enjoyed the trip!


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