Inside the Mind of @KenFlott

I had the great pleasure of meeting Ken Flott when working on the Indies Unite for Joshua IndieGoGo campaign. His generosity of spirit and support gave a huge boost to the fundraiser. From there, I discovered more interesting tidbits about Ken.

~ He lives in one of my favorite cities—Boston.
~ He’s Sicilian and tweets in Italian – it’s molto sexy.
~ He can be a very scary dude on film.

Watch him in The Darkness Within and you’ll see what I mean. That’s him looking pretty frightening below.

Ken as Mr. Reed in The Darkness Within

Aside from being a film producer, actor, and active social media supporter of his peers, Ken is an excellent writer. I read his script for Nicky, based on his short story by the same name. Nicky is currently in post-production. The story is intense; at times I laughed aloud right before I cringed. As a short story writer, I know how difficult it can be to pack so much into a limited number of words.

Dom and Ken

Along with the talents of director, Dom Portalla, Ken is part of Door Eleven Productions where they create independent films.

As if all this wasn’t enough, what impresses me most about Ken is he’s a genuinely nice man. I mean—truly nice. You only need to interact with him once to know that.

I’m a big fan of Ken and his work. Get to know him—you’ll become a fan too.

Years after his little brother’s abduction, a man seeks resolution now having learned the truth.

Buy the story on Amazon Kindle 

Watch the trailer on Door Eleven Productions

*   *   *   *

Inside Ken Flott’s Mind

What is your idea of perfect happiness? A world that’s not crippled by political or religious ideology would make me perfectly happy.

What turns you on creatively? Whenever I speak to someone I truly admire, love or miss (sometimes they’re the same person) it inspires me to do something creative.

Which words or phrases do you most overuse? Fuck. The “C” bomb, Hubris. Poutine. Please. “I am leaving, you don’t have to push”, “Shut up”, “I do”, “I’ll get that”, “Have another drink, I’ll be more handsome”, “How much for a table dance?” “Go fuck yourself”

What quality do you most admire in a man? Responsibility.

What quality do you most admire in a woman? Strength of character.

What is your greatest regret? I never should have gotten married; either time.

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? My ears, if you cut them off, sewed them together and filled them with air; they’d be the size of a football.

What is your greatest fear? Disappointing the people I love.

Which living person do you most admire? My Mother; she’s my hero. Ti amo mama!

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? Farming.

If you could choose what to come back as, what would it be? A bra.

[Eden] Ken … you’re incorrigible 😉

What do you consider your greatest achievement? Avoiding complacency.

What is the trait you most deplore in others? A lack of introspection.

What is your greatest extravagance? Video games. Lame I know.

What is one thing you want to do before you die? Take a year and drive around North America alone.

What is your favorite movie/director? Betty Blue and Paris, Texas. Both tied for 1st.

What are some of your favorite curse words? See above. But I have to say; motherfucker has a certain cathartic quality to it. Nothing feels better than a good, “motherfucker!” Try it.

What is your motto? “No obstacles, only challenges” I heard it in the movie Groove and it struck me as simple but true.

Ken, you’re a man of few words but an absolute darling. I loved your answers. 

Readers, leave a comment for this wonderfully talented and funny man.

* * * *

Connect with Ken, Door Eleven Productions, & use the #NickyMovie hashtag on Twitter

Twitter @kenflott | Ken on IMDB

Door Eleven Productions
WebsiteFacebook | Twitter @Door_Eleven_Pro | Twitter @DomPortalla

Nicky ~ The Movie
Facebook |  Nicky on IMDB | #NickyMovie on Twitter



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9 responses to “Inside the Mind of @KenFlott

  1. Short and sweet. Great interview, Ken, and eden 🙂 Coming back as a bra? Seriously :)!


  2. I am still laughing at some of your answers, Ken. But come on, what you most admire in a woman. Really, I loved your answers and can see being around you woulod be a fun trip for anyone. Great interview and great success in all you do!


  3. justinbog

    You’re right, Ken — nothing feels better LOL
    Loved reading your answers to eden’s questions — very necessary weekly interview spotlight.


  4. Thank you Junying! Oh and I thought it would be more fun than coming back as a lamp.

    danniehill thank you! with regards to women, admiring and ogling are not the same thing in my world. Oh bam!

    justinbog, nice! And thank you sir!


  5. Ken, you kill me with your answers. Come join me in NYC and do some stand-up. xoxo


  6. Oh, that’s a fun interview! Ken, I wouldn’t have thought poutine could be an overused word… it’s too delicious!

    And coming back as a bra? Well, I wouldn’t complain…


  7. Lisa Meyer

    *K*en is a breath of fresh air! 😉


  8. Thanks William and Lisa for your comments for Ken!


  9. Thank you Lisa, Thank you William!


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