Three Reviews for Spring into Summer

Spring into Summer was reviewed by three excellent sites this past week.

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Wendy Hines from Minding Spot said:

” … If you’ve been wanting to try erotica, but have been holding back for whatever reason, Eden Baylee is the place to start! “

Read the full review here and comment to win a copy of either of my books. Contest ends Oct. 18th.

Diantha Jones, a reviewer for the Masqerade Crew said:

” … Spring into Summer was a great read and I recommend it to romance lovers who aren’t afraid to let Baylee access their more raw side.”

Read the full review here.

From Niina C of For the Love of Reading Reviews, I received a two-star review. That doesn’t sound too good, but I believe an author should always want honesty when he/she asks for a review. Despite the low number of stars, Niina’s words impressed me. She said:

“I really wanted to like Spring into Summer, the blurb was beautiful and the stories seemed interesting at first glance. So why didn’t I like it? …”

Find out by reading the full review here.

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7 thoughts on “Three Reviews for Spring into Summer

  1. I thought the two-star review was complimentary, really. The reviewer gave admiring comments about your work, then stated that it wasn’t for her at this stage of her reading tastes. I wouldn’t take being compared to Nin as a slam.

    1. Thanks for the comment Tim. That’s how I took it. The star system is so arbitrary, and Niina’s words explained how she felt about the book.

      As I said in my comment to her, it is a true honor to be compared to Anaîs Nin. Period.


  2. I think sometimes people rate low and give a good review which makes you wonder..I’ve gotten those as well. I think the review you got was good…

  3. All in all your reviews were quite good, even the low rated one wasn’t really a bad review. Like you said in a previous comment “it is a true honor to be compared to Anaîs Nin.” Way to go! 🙂

  4. It is a good review, despite the stars (I don’t care for star systems to begin with); her thoughts on it are quite clearly spelled out and so are her reasons.

    And the others are fine!

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