NEW Release by @ElodieParkes ~ The Horoscope Writer

I had the pleasure of being a guest on Elodie’s blog recently. Today, I return the favor and highlight Elodie’s newest release,  The Horoscope Writer.

Please welcome Elodie and find out more about her books.

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In Elodie’s own words …

I started writing when I was seventeen. I never did anything like submitting to publishers etc. until I was about twenty-five and then queried to no avail.

I started writing again seriously a couple of years ago because I had so many stories in my head.

I have published three erotic romance books to date and I am working on another book right now.

They are available on Amazon kindle. I love eBooks myself, and it’s rare now for me to buy a paperback or hardback.

I read heaps myself from across all types of genres.

For my own writing people and emotions inspires me. The complexity of life spurs me to write.

I find the world harsh. There’s not enough love in it. Lots of people never find love. I write love stories with happy endings to spread a little lightness around.

For instance my book Millie Reinvented was inspired through my day job.

I was talking to a young woman who was in the antiques shop where I work and she was buying a little sculpture of two lovers kissing. She said she had to have it because it was so nice to look at, as her husband didn’t even kiss her anymore. I couldn’t say anything I just wrapped the item, and stored the thought until the story burst out onto my laptop.

My books fall into the category of erotic romance because I do write the sex scenes graphically and that’s because I want the love the characters feel to show up properly in my stories.

I think too that readers have become used to reading more. They don’t want the description of the romance to stop at the bedroom door.

My latest release The Horoscope Writer was inspired by signs along a country road when I was out driving one day in another county.

The main characters just started to flow into my head and by the time I had driven home, which was a three hour journey through the countryside, I had the book and characters completely ready.

Dominic Reed the horoscope writer is desperate for love. He doesn’t know he has never had the kind of love he suddenly finds with Cassie the female lead character. It ignites a sexual passion in him he didn’t know he could feel.

My books do contain graphic sex in the love scenes but they are love scenes, romantic and the characters are driven by love.

Buy Links

The Horoscope Writer: Amazon US | Amazon UK

Millie Reinvented: Amazon US | Amazon UK

Two of Them: Amazon US | Amazon UK

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The Horoscope Writer is about a man, Dominic, who is a writer and has lots of different writing jobs for magazines amongst which is that of horoscope writing. He is a lonely soul, living in the country on a funny country lane where a few artisan’s workshops are. Fortunately he has a friend there too, Jeremy, who has a workshop, design studio there on the lane.

Dominic is lonely. His last relationship broke up a couple of years prior to the opening of the story and he really wants love.

There is a workshop to let on the lane and Cassie comes along to rent it.

Dominic is instantly attracted to her when he sees her in Jeremy’s office and she finds Dominic irresistible.

There is a mild paranormal streak running through what is an erotic romance because Dominic has been influenced by his great uncle who was also a horoscope writer.

This is a love story, erotic and enticing.

Excerpt from The Horoscope Writer

Dominic walked up behind Cassie as she sorted paintbrushes into a box on one of the workbenches and put his arms around her waist, kissing her neck from behind. She stopped sorting the brushes, and placed the whole bundle on the shelf next to the container to lean back into his arms.

Dominic transferred a hand to cup one of her breasts through her shirt and nuzzled her neck. Cassie felt herself grow weak with longing and began to turn to face him. They pulled each other close kissing each other and moaning just audibly.

Suddenly Dominic smiled against Cassie’s lips and she drew back a little to look into his eyes.

“What Dominic?”

He shook his head. “Nothing bad, I am so desperate to make love to you I can’t think straight”.

Cassie nodded again. “Dominic I want you too. We could just go over to your cottage”.

Dominic didn’t need another prompt. He took her hand and walked her over to his place.

Once inside the house they began to undress each other, and they made it upstairs. Dominic was soon dressed only in his jeans and he lifted Cassie up pulling off her boots and jeans as he kissed her. His kisses were so intense they drove Cassie to gasp. Dominic pulled down her lace underwear, and began to whisper to her as he found her wet for him and pushed his fingers into her.

“Cassie, I’ve never felt like this. I want to say things to you that I have never said to a woman. I want to push into you so hard, and so deep you moan, and come again, and again for me. It’s overwhelming”.

Cassie held his head and kissed him hard. “Say them Dominic, the words, say them”.

He had his eyes closed as she kissed him, his fingers inside her and his erection pressed into the side of her body where he had her lifted to him.

He groaned and shook his head slightly. He was shocked by it. Instead, he lay her on the bed, and entered her with a low moan thrusting deep until he felt as if he would come without giving her the pleasure he wanted to, and he slowed down.

“Cassie ride me”, he whispered, turning over holding her, so that she straddled him.

Cassie sat up on him. She moved on him only for seconds before her orgasm ripped through her making her lie forward over him and try to reach his lips. Dominic caught her head to his and kissed her. He left his lips against hers but moved his hands to hold her hips and press her down to meet his thrusts. His orgasm knocked the breath out of him and he groaned into her mouth.

Copyright Elodie Parkes 2012

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Connect with Elodie

Elodie lives in Canterbury, United Kingdom. It’s famous for the Cathedral, Chaucer, and there is a UNESCO world heritage site, which includes the ancient ruins of St Augustine’s Abbey and St Martin’s Church. There is also a ruined castle. It’s a pretty place too and the coast nearby is great.

She works in an antiques shop and writes. Elodie has two dogs that keep her fit with their need for walks.

Elodie writes romance, contemporary and always erotic with a twist of mystery, paranormal, and suspense now and then. She likes to make the story unusual in some way, by a quirk in the tale.

Blog | Twitter @ElodieParkes | Google+

Facebook Fan Page | Facebook Personal Page




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  1. Elodie, congrats on the new release. Your latest release sounds release sounds fantastic.


  2. Hi Eden,
    Thank you for hosting me on your lovely blog, it’s very good to be here.


  3. Great look at an artistic mind.


  4. Congratulations on the new release, Elodie! The excerpt’s a good choice!


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