Chatting with Casey Ryan of @CuttingRoomMRB ~ Part 2

I had the great pleasure of meeting Casey over a year ago and was interviewed by him July 2011. Time flies!

Sunday, August 26th, I’ll be on his show THE CUTTING ROOM FLOOR, once again, at 12 PM EST.

Casey is someone I’ve grown very fond of. He has wonderful guests on his show—filmmakers, artists, authors and is a terrific and generous promoter of indies.

In recent months, he also started his blog. His writing is stellar, which only makes me more proud to have him review my latest book, Spring into Summer.

Read Casey’s review

It was great to meet Casey when he attended my book signing, and I’d encourage anyone who wants exposure for their projects—big or small to connect to him.

You’d be hard pressed to find a stronger advocate for the indie community.

Connect to Casey via his blog, on  Twitter @cuttingroommrb, and on his podcast

I look forward to speaking with Casey again, and I hope you’ll  join us,


Listen to the show here

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