NEW Release ~ Master’s Email by Tonya Kinzer

Tonya Kinzer was interviewed for Inside the Author’s Mind in September of last year, and I’m proud to have her back.

She talks about writing in the BDSM world and has agreed to share a juicy interview she did with a Secret Admirer recently. Let’s join them as Tonya talks about her latest release – Master’s Email, and find out how you can win some great prizes too!

Eden, thank you for having me as your guest this week! I can’t wait to chat with your readers should they leave a comment below. Readers, be sure to also click on the contest links below to get your entries in there!

We’ll be chatting in the bubbles so grab your glass and slip right in! Our bartender will keep your glass full, just hold it up when it’s empty to get your sexy refill! Everyone comfy? Let’s get started!

Writing in the BDSM World

This genre is exploding out there! Some authors know what they’re talking about and some need to research a little more. There are many, many different areas of the genre such as deprivation, forced orgasm, sexual slavery, golden showers, whipping, needles, hot wax, bondage, etc. Many readers may not have a lot of knowledge about what goes on in the lifestyle of those who live in the BDSM world…I guess because I want readers to understand that it’s not just kinky fun nor is it a perverted way of life. The main aspect of BDSM is the respect partners have for each other. They know where the power lies and who allows things to proceed. Trust is a major factor and is forefront in all Dom/sub relationships and bondage sessions. Everyone has a safeword and your partner better be aware of it.

I have a few links on my website for curious readers to do research; at least start with a few of the links and go from there…Safe, Sane, and Consensual! You and your partner need to know each of limits and boundaries.  Participating in BDSM isn’t something one should jump into without doing research to make sure the lifestyle is a good fit for you and your partner(s). People can get hurt easily if precautions are not taken before you put your life into another person’s hands. Take the simple satin scarf blindfold…do you fully trust the one blindfolding you? Would they care if what they’re doing to you is going to hurt or maim you? If you can’t answer that without still leaving a question in your mind, do not proceed!

Another main point is if you’re okay in your mind with WHO you are! BDSM is a mind game and can mess you up if you get in a partnership with a Dom or Master who is going to belittle you, mentally abuse you and constantly talk down to you. Your self-esteem can take a beating if you’re not confident of where you stand in life. Be confident and know what you’re getting into.

Being a submissive is not being a slave! Doms and Masters could NOT do what they do in the lifestyle if their submissive did not allow them to do what they do with their submissive! Keep that in mind as you look further into this or watch the videos. So…who really holds the power in the relationship?

A good Dom or Master will always respect you as a person and they care if they cause you too much pain, which brings me to the next point. Your Dom better know your pain threshold. Everyone is not on the same pain level – some DO enjoy/require more pain to get the sexual satisfaction they’re looking for. That doesn’t mean everyone is on that level. A firm discussion of limits is in order.

I could go on forever here but stop by my website and check out my Links page. Look into the subject matter and form your own opinion. Not everyone is into the lifestyle but….I can tell you….deep in YOUR mind lays that little dark, secret place where all of you wonder what it would be like to be blindfolded, tied up and forced to enjoy slow, erotic sex play!

[Eden] Great thoughts on BDSM, Tonya. Now let me refill my glass and sit back to find out more about you from your Secret Admirer. 

* * * *

Secret Admirer:  Tell us a little bit about yourself:

Tonya:   I live in the Pacific Northwest but am originally from the east coast area. I love the lower humidity where I am now rather than the sweltering humid summers back there….not to mention the bird-size mosquitoes! Okay, that is stretching it a bit but they’re big enough to carry you away I swear!

Secret Admirer:  Let’s start out by getting the name of your newest release and what genre/category it falls into?

Tonya:  My newest release is Master’s Email and it released on June 17th! Once again it falls into the BDSM genre but is not part of The Boss’s Pet series like all my prior books. Master’s Email is about voyeurism as her Master enjoys watching his submissive perform for him before cameras that he’s installed throughout their home. He also shares his house key with another Dom who stops in to visit for a training session with his submissive. Click the link to read a XXX-rated excerpt!


I’m also working on another series which will be an erotic western and include hot, sweaty cowboys and the women who love them…or love on them! *wink* My website has more information.

Secret Admirer:  Please finish this sentence: The best thing about being an author is…

Tonya:  ooooo…that I get to create stories that tug at everyone’s dirty little secrets! We all have them; some like to pretend they don’t but while they read in the privacy of their room or computer, they would give their right arm to be in my stories as the heroine!

Secret Admirer:  Who was the first writer you met online, or in person?

Tonya:   I’ve met many authors online but there are two that seemed to form a wonderful relationship with me and we talk on messenger every day! Brenda Woody and Steve Tindle are also co-owners with me over at Naughty Reader’s Boudoir and we’re having a blast! We also critique for each other, bounce ideas for covers or story lines off each other and I will get to meet them in October when I travel across country. I can’t wait! I know we won’t get any sleep because we’ll be up all night chatting!

Secret Admirer:  How much of real life do you put in your writing?

Tonya:   I’ll never answer that! *wicked laugh* What would the readers have to fantasize about if they knew it all? Sorry, hons!

Secret Admirer:  Have you tried writing with another author?

Tonya:   Brenda, Steve and I are contemplating that right now. We’re not sure if we’ll get something together in time for the season holidays or not so keep an eye on our websites and in my newsletter! (Subscribing could get you in on the monthly drawing I do!)

Secret Admirer:  To date, what has been the best advice or words of encouragement you’ve received?

Tonya:   A long time ago, I belonged to a critique group and I learned so much about author voice, edits, point of view…wow! The best advice I pulled from them was to read your work out loud when you think you’re done. Read into a recorder and play it back if you have to. If it doesn’t read smooth when you listen to the replay, it won’t read smooth for your readers. Using the word find tool in Word is also helpful; mainly to see how often she/he is used, especially to begin sentences!!! I think that’s my biggest pet peeve. Vary your sentence beginnings and structure. Short choppy sentences make me nuts…they have their place but change it up. Also don’t make it sound like an instruction manual! He did this, he did that, he did this…use all five senses and convey that through thoughts to your reader. Okay, I’ll stop….anther subject I could go on for hours about!

Secret Admirer:  When not writing, where or what can you be found doing?

Tonya:   I’ll still be at my computer creating covers, web banners, buttons, promo items or marketing…I love it all!

Secret Admirer:  What are your hobbies or interests outside of writing?

Tonya:   I love to putz in the yard trimming bushes, pulling weeds, planting more flowers…it allows me to talk with my characters and glean where they might want the story to go.

Secret Admirer:  What type of music to you like?

Tonya:  I really enjoy the classic rock from the 60’s and 70’s! Again, thank you for having me today. Readers, thank you for stopping in to read. I hope you visit my sites, follow my blog and subscribe to my newsletter! (I pick one winner a month from each!) I’ll be around for the next week to check back for any comments or questions your readers might have. Please see my contest below!!!

* * * *

CONTEST #1:    Click HERE to be entered in the Grand Prize drawing for a $50 gift card to be picked on Oct 2nd! Be sure to choose ‘Book Tour Contest’

CONTEST #2:  A Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks so much Tonya for coming on my blog, and I wish you much success with the tour!  

Readers, please connect to Tonya, and enter her contests for excellent prizes.

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  1. Eden, thanks so much for having me this week! I appreciate being here for my tour!

    Readers, thanks for stopping in. Have fun and get in on all the contests!


  2. June M.

    Great post Tonya! I definitely agree that a person needs to really know and be able to trust someone completely before submitting to them.


  3. Casey Sheridan

    Wonderful post, Tonya! Very informative and your interview was really fun. Congrats on your release! I wish you mucho success. xoxo


  4. Great post, Tonya. I find it interesting that you’ve contemplated writing collaboratively; I’ve been doing some of that myself, and it does require two (or more) writers to really be in sync.


  5. Great post! Very good points about knowing WHO you are and being confident in WHO you are. Very important in the D/s relationship! I also love the interview!!

    bournmelissa at hotmail dot com


  6. Eden, thank you for having me on your blog! Congrats to June M for winning another gift card! Whoohoo, girlfriend!


  7. laurie g

    Wonderful post, Tonya! Very informative and your interview was really fun.


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