Thank You ~ Promoters of Spring into Summer (Part 5)

Refer to Part 4 of this series about giving credit back to those who help promote my new release, Spring into Summer. 

Here are some great places I’ve visited over the past week and a half. Connect to these wonderful people—they’re worth it.

* * * *

Kate Austin
Guest blog: Female Bonds in Erotica

Josée Renard
Guest blog: Erotic Imagination

Alexander G Public Relations
Author Interview: Writing and Marketing Erotic Fiction 

Layna Pimentel
Guest blog: A Generous Woman is Sexy

Indie Promo Central
Author Interview

Pavarti Tyler  
Guest blog: Sexual Power Play

Jessica Subject
Guest blog: Erotic Happy Endings

Amelia James
Guest blog: The Lottery

Pleasure Mechanics 
Included in article “Erotica for Women”
Video interviews on Youtube 

My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog
Included in post “Wearing and Tearing”

e-Book Cover Design Awards, July 2012
Spring into Summer added to July’s list of covers 

The Cutting Room Floor with Casey Ryan
Book Review
COMING UP! I’m on the Cutting Room Floor ~ Aug. 26th 12PM EST

* * * *

Helping Spread the Word
Les Floyd
Jar O’Marbles
Lorna Suzuki
Steven M. Grant
David T. Lender
Casey Sheridan
Savannah Chase
Maxwell Cynn
Whill of Agora
David C. Cassidy
Justin Bog
Rachel Thompson
LK Editorial
Darcia Helle
William Kendall
Patti Larsen
Rob “Sharky” Pruneda

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  1. Oh, yes, I get to be sexy first today. There. Love that. Usually I was picked with the bottom of the nerd pack. It’s a pleasure to support you and Spring Into Summer, a book I can stand behind with so much awe and confidence. Love that too.

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