Winds of Change by Mary Metcalfe

I met Mary while doing the Indies Unite for Joshua fundraiser. She’s a generous, kind-hearted author, and I’m happy to offer her space here to talk about her newest book.

Please read what Mary has to say about Winds of Change and watch her book trailer. 

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In Mary’s Own Words 

I’ve always read that you should write about what you know. And in a very real sense, I am with Winds of Change. While I did extensive research on Boston, sailing and plant varieties, the ‘what I know’ part came from my heart. Readers will see a theme in my novels – disparate people being brought together and blending to build a new family. It’s what I didn’t have as a child and grew up yearning for. Now my characters will get their happy ever after because it’s my book and we’ll work together to make it happen!

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I’m going out on an official dinner date. Jennifer rolled that thought around in her head as she closed up for the night and got the kettle ready for her morning tea. A real date with a good-looking man who looks to have some fire left in him.

Getting ready for bed, she wandered over to her closet and turned on the light inside. What to wear tomorrow night? She dug into the back of the closet and drew out her favorite little black dress. It was a classic. She checked the size tag and realized with some surprise it might actually be loose on her. Between yoga, spinning and all her other activities she had come down at least one size and maybe two.

Oh happy day, she thought. At last, a dress that didn’t shrink in the closet when I wasn’t looking. She decided to try it on just to be sure. A moment later she looked at herself in the mirror. Even without makeup she had to agree she still looked pretty good. No high heels any more but the copper-toned patent pumps looked pretty. Add a bit of jewelry, a wide belt to show off her trimming waistline and she might turn a head or two. Just one certain head would be fine.

I have a date! Better get my beauty sleep, she thought, and toddled off towards the large roomy bed that might have a visitor soon. She mentally wiped out that thought, ordering herself to get her mind back into safer territory. But, the idea snuck right back in. The handsome man she’d secretly lusted after for years was now flesh and blood. And, he was a completely down to earth human being who was fascinating to talk to and very easy to look at. Who knew a man could be eye candy at his age?

Jennifer mentally chided herself for letting her imagination run wild. But, it wasn’t her imagination. Ben was very real, very male and very, very tempting. Who could resist? She smiled dreamily and snuggled into her pillow.

* * * *

Connect with Mary

Lakefront Muse website

Lakefront Muse blog

Twitter: @MetcalfeMary


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Mary lives and breathes writing and editing. When not working as a writer/editor in her day job, she’s editing novels and manuscripts or working on one of her novels. With Winds of Change as her debut in women’s fiction, New Beginnings will follow this fall with a strong suspense angle. Road to Tomorrow comes up next and continues her small-town series featuring a cast of warm and not-so-warm characters. Each of Mary’s novels deal with social and medical issues as sub-themes. Winds of Change explores PTSD and clinical depression, while New Beginnings looks into the socio/psychopathic personality. Road to Tomorrow exposes some of the life-changing effects of Traumatic Brain Injuries through a secondary character. Never clinical, each story is focused on the main characters and their journey towards a more fulfilling future.

Mary coined the moniker Lakefront Muse to reflect on the influence living by the water in rural Quebec, Canada has on her writing inspiration. A lifelong swimmer and Cancerian water baby, being by the water allows her a place to let her imagination work its magic.



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10 responses to “Winds of Change by Mary Metcalfe

  1. Thank you so much, Eden! I’ll be watching the space for comments or question today! I also have a book trailer at


  2. Mary is supportive, and I wish her well with her book. It sits waiting patiently behind yours, Eden, on my Kindle. 🙂


  3. This is a must read for me. Happy endings are the best but the getting there is what makes them great. Great success, Mary!


  4. Eden, thank you again for introducing me to another wonderful author.


  5. Terrific excerpt, Mary, and I like the book trailer!


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