The Last Dance by Wyatt McIntyre

Wyatt McIntyre is a special man with many talents. He’s sweet, funny, and a diligent writer I met while doing the Indies Unite for Joshua fundraiser.

The Last Dance is Wyatt’s first full-length novel, and I’m thrilled to offer him some space to share his new release.

Please watch the beautiful book trailer and find out more about The Last Dance. 

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James Mueller has spent a lifetime of devotion to his wife Alejandra, and now as her life draws to a close, he looks back to the beginning when it seemed that time and fate conspired to keep them apart.

A story that ends even as it begins, The Last Dance tells of two souls meant to be together but torn apart by war, misunderstandings and hurt. Bittersweet and deeply romantic, it moves through the significant moments in the lives of these two star-crossed lovers, raising the question not of if but how James and Alejandra will ever find their way back to each other and the love they were destined to share.

From a chance meeting to a look and a touch, to the promises made and the disappointment found, The Last Dance is a story of loss, longing, hope and faith, as James and Alejandra are forced to examine who they are and what they really need if they are ever to turn their fairy-tale romance into a lifelong love.

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As an amateur woodworker, Wyatt McIntyre sees crafting a story in the same way he carves. Starting with a blank and rough surface, each word, each sentence and line is meant to express a vision that slowly turns the original material into a finished work of beauty. Along with The Last Dance, his first novel, Wyatt is also the author of the theological work, Coping Through Christianity: Strengthening the Wounded Heart and Broken Spirit through God’s Love.

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14 thoughts on “The Last Dance by Wyatt McIntyre

    1. He very much so is! Thank you FictionRulz, I hope you enjoy it, and you Eden for helping get the word out

  1. I’m a sucker for a good love story, going to put this on my Goodreads list. Also? Book trailers are something I’m kind of on the fence about, but this one was really nicely done, not too flashy, and still reliant on the strength of words to tell the story.

    1. Thanks Cameron! The trailer was difficult, because I never did one before. I ended up watching something like 15 or so different book and movie trailers to try and see what worked and didn’t work, at least in my mind, so appreciate and am glad you liked it! Makes doing it feel worthwhile.

  2. Thank you so much for doing this Eden. You have been incredible during this entire process, so supportive and amazing and I appreciate all of it so much!

  3. Eden, I bet you picked Wyatt because of the hat. got to wear mine more often, lol. I have your book Wyatt and can’t wait to read. Love stories that evolve over time and the best! Great success with all your writing and I think this one is a hit!

  4. Excellent, Wyatt (and thank you to Eden for the great platform to shout about your book to the rooftops), and you deserve the praise. I bought your book and I’m now into the story. Good job.

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