Thank You ~ Promoters of Spring into Summer (Part 2)

Refer back to Part 1 of this series about giving credit back to those who help me promote my new book, Spring into Summer. 

In no particular order, here are more fabulous people to add to your social network, and it’s far from over …  stay tuned. 😉

* * * *

Patti Larsen
Guest blog: Strong Women are Sexy

Jason Darrick
Guest blog: Horror and Erotica

Nya Rawlyns
Guest Blog: Erotica Does Not Repeat Itself

Darcia Helle
Author Interview

Savannah Chase
Guest blog: The Beautiful People of Erotica

Rachel Thompson
Guest blog: Humor and Erotica

Tylia Gardner
Book Announcement and promotion

Lori Whitwam
Book Review

Diantha Jones
Book Review

Diane Nelson
Book Review

Cameron Garriepy
Hosted a giveaway of 2 copies
Congratulations to winners: Victoria and Carrie!

* * * *

Helping Spread the Word
Les Floyd
Solitaire Parke
Wyatt McIntyre
Steven M. Grant
Justin Bog
Alexander G Public Relations
Peter Wesley
Rob “Sharky” Pruneda
Dannie C. Hill
Sessha Batto
Jar O’Marbles
Melissa Huie
David T. Lender
Layna Pimentel
Writings for the Mad
Heather Jacobs
Whill of Agora
Everett Powers
Dan Coyle
LM Stull
My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog
RB Wood
The Cutting Room Floor
Ken Flott
Vanessa Wu
Runaway Sentence
Bas Linders
Raymond Bolton
J. Perry Kelly
Views From Nature
Thirty-Nine for the First Time



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12 responses to “Thank You ~ Promoters of Spring into Summer (Part 2)

  1. Spring into Summer is a great book! I wish you great success!


  2. Sweetie you’re most welcome! When you have a free spot in August, let me know and we’ll get you back on my site if you’re up to it! *hugs*

    Wishing you all the best with success and sales with Spring Into Summer.


  3. Jar O' Marbles

    You are very welcome.


  4. You’ve had a lot of support!


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