I’ve Had a Virgin and a Foursome

With the official release of Spring into Summer yesterday, I’ve been all over the internet, and it’s only the beginning.

Poet and author, Wyatt McIntyre, a wonderful man I met a few months ago wrote an excellent post entitled: First Thoughts on Spring into SummerNo, he’s not a virgin in the biblical sense, but he was an  erotica virgin. His thoughtful evaluation means a lot to me because I know many people are unfamiliar with the genre.

* * * *

The lovely author Karen Einsel surprised me by setting up a foursome with two hunky men – Maxwell Cynn and Rob “Sharky” Pruneda.

We had a four-way celebration at Karen’s Different Corners complete with cake and champagne! Needless to say, we’re all exhausted this morning, especially since I broke open my twenty-year-old scotch and Sharky drank most of it. 😉

Hop over and enjoy these two great posts. You can follow everyone on Twitter too ~ great supportive people for your Twitter feed.

Wyatt McIntyre @wyattmcintyre

Karen Einsel @K_einsel

Maxwell Cynn @maxwellcynn

Rob “Sharky” Pruneda @sharkbaitwrites

* * * *

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38 responses to “I’ve Had a Virgin and a Foursome

  1. Love your post! And here Sharky says he doesn’t drink!


  2. Apparently I am not only a “Virgin”, I am, the worst for of them, because I am also a Erotica Tease, at least so I am told, refusing to give it up on the first post. He he he… Either way thank you for the mention and I am glad you liked it, because really the book is terrific, well worth every sentence, page and story it has to offer.


  3. Congratulations, Eden, on the hottest and most eagerly anticipated release of the year!


  4. Mae

    My Love surprised me with a copy of your new book! I am so excited to get reading. I can hardly wait,


  5. That was a great time! I’m so happy you guys let me enjoy it with you. I’m still laughing and smiling. Success is yours, Eden, because of your skill and your heart!


  6. Darn. From the title, I thought we were getting a fifth novella for free!!! Glad you had cake!


  7. Richard Wiseman

    Oh books! Now that is interesting! For a moment I thought you were… well you know… talking about… (looks over shoulder), … thing… you know… well books why didn’t you say! Following the links straight after being … thingy.. by commenting… (Sorry… I’m a middle aged Englishman of certain generation… can’t say … thing… out loud) {;~)>===>


    • Ha! Richard, of course it’s books, I hope you’re not disappointed. Middle-aged Englishman? Well, honey, my first story is about a man just like you, and you are NOT innocent 😉

      Thanks for the comment, lovely,


  8. We can always count on you to get our eyes widened, just by a post title!


  9. I can’t wait for you to be on the New York Best Sellers List. Shades of Grey – step aside – Eden Baylee has a hit.


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