Author Profile: Eden Baylee by Maxwell Cynn

I awoke this morning to a beautiful sunny day, opened my computer, and read this incredible piece by author and dear friend, Maxwell Cynn.

Author Profile: Eden Baylee

I was a tearful mess for awhile, but one day before my new book releases, it’s exactly what I needed.

In the upcoming months as I promote my book, you will learn more about the inspiration behind Spring into Summer, and Max embodies much of what went into my stories.

Head over and learn more about Max, he really is something else.




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14 responses to “Author Profile: Eden Baylee by Maxwell Cynn

  1. It was thanks to toy that I discovered this truly amazing author. I thank you.


  2. Lovely people hanging out in eden’s garden of curious thought. Very cool place to visit.


  3. Max, what a beautifully written piece on an exceptional and unconditionally warm, giving and beautiful woman, who we’ve all come to know and love as our Eden Baylee. I will do my very best to see that Spring into Summer will be Eden’s most successful novel to date and garners all the success it so richly deserves.
    Warmest regards,


  4. Mae

    Eden, I just read the profile Max posted on you and I have to concur with everything he has written about you. You are truly a gift and a true treasure!


  5. Mae

    Looking forward to Spring into Summer!


  6. Great post by Max about a great, great person! I’m so excited about this new book of youys! Spring into Summer will be a hit because of you talent! I’m a big fan, Eden, and it’s not just because of your PPP. kiss!


  7. A terrific post by Max, Eden!


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