Inside the Author’s Mind – Justin Bog

It’s my great pleasure to welcome back, author and friend, Justin Bog. Last month, we learned about his debut collection, Sandcastle and Other Stories. This time, you will find out more about the man behind the stories.

I recently read his stellar collection, and I highly recommend his book. Check out the reviews and know you’re getting intelligent stories that leave you thinking long after you finish the book.

Justin is currently in the middle of a hectic virtual book tour, so I’m thrilled he found the time to stop by.

Please give a very warm welcome to the talented and charming, Justin Bog.

* * *

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Inside Justin Bog’s Mind

What is your idea of perfect happiness? Uncontrollable laughter. That state when something is so funny it brings tears to my eyes. My mate and I laugh often. The dogs and cats, Zippy, Kipling, Ajax The Gray, and her highness, Eartha Kitt’n, help with theatrical behavior and create stories Scheherazade would approve of.

What turns you on creatively? Reading a great book with terrific writing that may reveal a new way to tell an old story, seeing a movie that shocks with its intelligence and originality, or listening to a song that transports me to another world. All are inspiring to me. Makes me want to create something equally thrilling.

Which words or phrases do you most overuse? Too funny.

What quality do you most admire in a man? Being an active listener – being present.

What quality do you most admire in a woman? Same — add a humble mindset to both.

What is your greatest regret? Hurting anyone’s feelings and being unaware of this. If I hurt anyone’s feelings, and know it, I’ll apologize. I’m still learning how to be more diplomatic.

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? I wish I had learned how to be a better friend to people at a young age. I don’t love revealing my feelings to many people.

What is your greatest fear? Being homeless. Always has been – the starving artist thing. I do write about this fear in one of the longer stories I have never shown anyone. There’s time for that.

Which living person do you most admire? The author Richard Bach – he took a chance reading my stories over the past year on my blog, and encouraged me to finally send them out, package them, and let others read them. He’s a huge writing mentor even though we’ve only spoken a handful of times, and even though what we write is about 180 degrees apart. For a long time in my writing life, that inner belief system was a huge hurdle to jump, and I took a high leap with his encouragement.

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? I would love to be a competent amateur chef.

If you could choose what to come back as, what would it be? A rock vocalist, someone who is less introverted.

What do you consider your greatest achievement? ~Mush alert~ Being in a loving relationship for almost 24 years.

What is the trait you most deplore in others? Manipulative tendencies linked to passive aggressive behavior – I am not very good at recognizing passive aggression until after I’ve been through a lot of drama.

What is your greatest extravagance? I saved for over a year and splurged on a trip to Hawaii to celebrate my mate’s 40th birthday.

What is one thing you want to do before you die? I would hope to continue to make people laugh from time to time and right up to the end.

What is your favorite music (genre/artist/album/song)? Rock music / The Clash / London Calling / Spanish Bombs

What are some of your favorite curse words? Shite.

What is your motto? People come first.

Thank you Justin for being a terrific guest. You are a true gentleman and a friend. I invite everyone to leave a comment for Justin. He’s a wonderful and supportive author, and I’d highly recommend you get to know him.  

* * * *

Connect with Justin

Justin provides commentary and recommendations in Pop Culture as the Senior Contributor and Editor at In Classic Style.

Subscribe to Justin’s blog A Writer’s Life
Follow him on Twitter @JustinBog

Justin Bog, first and foremost, grew up a voracious reader, movie fanatic, and music audiophile. Justin always carried a stack of library books and collected way too many comic books from his local Ohio small-town drugstore. More than one teacher scolded Justin to put his suspect reading materials away and join the class. Justin began to make up stories of his own, using an old typewriter he found in the attic.

So it comes as no surprise that Justin pursued an English Degree at the University of Michigan, followed by Film and Music Appreciation classes — finally graduating from Bowling Green State University with an MFA in Fiction Writing. After teaching creative writing, Justin began apprenticing in a number of bookstores and editing fiction for a midwestern journal. Justin ended up on the management team at Chapter One Bookstore in the Sun Valley resort area for a decade, offering book recommendations to its local celebrities, skiing fanatics, and tourists. Currently residing in the San Juan Islands just north of Seattle, Justin has the opportunity to focus on his own novels and short stories, while contributing commentary and reviews of Pop Culture. Justin continues to engage his lifelong passion for writing in combination with his curious mindset as the Senior Contributor and Editor at In Classic Style.

Sandcastle and Other Stories is his first book.



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17 responses to “Inside the Author’s Mind – Justin Bog

  1. Eden. You amaze me week after week with the talented people who stop by for a visit! Justin. I enjoyed this interview so much. A man who’s not afraid to be himself in his writing and his life. My hat’s off to you! Great interview!


    • Dannie, I love your hat. If you’re not going to wear it, that is. Well, maybe a little afraid still applies too. Thank you very much for commenting here about eden’s interview. I liked the questions.


  2. tmycann

    Great interview, Eden & Justin. Learning about those passive/aggressive tendencies is definitely a hard (but worthwhile) process… O_o


    • It’s the hardest for me to spot, the passive aggressive comment, because most people begin with the passive, the kind, the controlling thing comes later, and then, wham, aggression in the face of a response not wanted. Oh well. Life goes on. I have very little gaydar too, which is just sad.


      • tmycann

        LOL – I suspect each of those difficulties stem from accepting people as they present themselves… and most people hide most of who they are. 😉


  3. I Really Love this interview Eden …i like all your questions and also all the the answers that Justin give to you so openly and truthful!!!
    He’s an amazing writer and we learn new things about him every time!

    Great post guys !!!!

    Staury 🙂


    • Thank you always, Staury. Your kindheartedness is a balm on any day, but this one’s rainy, so it’s very welcome. Eden is in the canon ~must figure out what title isn’t taken yet~ and I love her style.


  4. Ace interview! Justin, were those your cats in the trees featured in your book trailer? 🙂 I look forward to having you as a guest on my site next month.


  5. no, Sharky, but I would love that. Those cats looked so funny. Sad news today is that Eartha Kitt’n may have followed the neighbor’s cat into a different life plan. I hope Eartha Kitt’n comes back home this week. I also look forward to next month. Should be a good time.


  6. Great interview and it just reaffirms how awesome Justin is! 🙂


  7. Many thanks to everyone who came to visit Justin and read about this fascinating and über talented author. I know he loves the word “über!”

    Can’t wait to read more of your books, Justin. You’re ace, hon.



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