One Day Book Push with Prizes Galore!

Derek Blass, recently interviewed on Inside the Author’s Mind along with three other talented authors have organized a fantastic ONE DAY event to bring visibility to their books, and I’m happy to help them.

TODAY ONLY – Find out how you can WIN a $50.00 Amazon Gift Card and MORE!

* * * *

This is a one day only BOOK PUSH for June 6th 2012. Yup, four authors DETERMINED to bring their books to the world AND to see them climb high in Amazon’s Ranks.  We have a Zombie-ish apocalypse with a splash of romance, a romantic suspense with a dash of humour, a Thriller with a huge helping of action and a Ya Paranormal with a mystery blended in.


Sundered – A Zombie-ish Apocalypse

Red is an Attitude – Romantic Suspense

Allegiance – Thriller/Action adventure

Cassidy Jones and The Vulcan’s Gift – YA Paranormal Mystery


And you, my friends, can help. How? Easy peasy. Not only can you help, you can WIN BIG while you’re at it.

Here’s the run down. Purchase any ONE (1) of the books, and send your receipt to us and you’ll be entered in for a grand prize of $50.00 in Amazon Gift Cards! PLUS if you purchase all FOUR (4) books, not only will you have 4 entries, you’ll also be in for an additional SECRET DRAW.

Now, we can’t tell you what the draw is, because that would ruin the whole SECRET thing. But we will give you a hint. IT’S FABULOUS!

Okay, you want another hint? Hmm. How about DOUBLING THE GIFT CARDS?! Oh, right. Secret’s out.

What are you waiting for?

More stuff?

Well, If you insist.

4 randomly drawn entrants will win back their purchases. FREE BOOKS. Crickey!

Send all purchase receipts to Winners will be drawn randomly, announced on June 8th at

For additional information regarding this contest contact



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10 responses to “One Day Book Push with Prizes Galore!

  1. This is a great event to get the word out..Very cool..


  2. Eden – You rock! Thanks for doing this. I always knew commenting was sexy, btw. LOL


  3. Commenting IS sexy ;p Thanks so much Eden for having us on your blog. The support is SO appreciated 🙂


  4. Eden, you are WOW! Those are some great choices of books and I know most of the authors. You need an award for the best supporter of our art, sweet Eden!

    And you’re so hot!


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