Music Monday ~ Massachusetts by The Bee Gees

This is the first Bee Gees song I heard. It reminds me of the simple harmonies I loved in their music long before their Saturday Night Fever fame.

Rest in peace Robin,




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14 responses to “Music Monday ~ Massachusetts by The Bee Gees

  1. I love this song. I grew up on their music…It is so sad to see another brother has passed.


  2. Big fan of Bee Gees 🙂


  3. Lance

    I wasn’t a fan but I appreciate their talent. This is a gorgeous song. Happy Monday to you, Eden.


  4. The Bee Gees were never really my thing – that falsetto wow! – but this is a lovely tribute for a sad passing.


  5. R. Jeffreys

    Being Boston based, this song is literally close to my heart and is one of my all-time favorites. Great choice for today’s Musical Monday, eden!


  6. R. Jeffreys

    PS RIP Robin Gibb. He was my favorite in the group and is truly a musical legend.


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  8. Mae

    Bee Gees is my all time favorite group! I love the harmony and their songs were magical. I know that I’ve gotten ribbed for loving them over other groups, but music touches people differently. I was heart broken to hear of Robin’s passing! And as far as I am concerned, I wear the fact I love the Bee Gees proudly! RIP Robin. Eden…Thanks for selecting the Bee Gees for your Music Monday!!


    • Hey hon, we grew up with them, so they’ll always be a part of our musical history. It is sad the harmonies they created will never be re-created live, thankfully we have them on record.


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