#IndiesUnite4Joshua ~ IndieGoGo Ends but it’s Not the End for Joshua

The IndieGoGo fundraiser officially known as Indies Unite for Joshua came to a close today at 2:59 AM EST.

The campaign began Jan. 31st and never let up. The proof is we continued to receive donations up to the final hours—attracting new people to help spread the word even though we had reached the $10K target three days ago.

We ended the fundraiser with $10,320

 Wheeeee! WE DID IT!

Indies Unite for Joshua started out as authors banding together to help one of their own—Maxwell Cynn. His 21-year old son, Joshua was diagnosed with leukemia back in January. Max first blogged about it here.

$10K was an arbitrary number I set to help pay for Joshua’s medical treatment not covered by the family’s health insurance. It was an amount I thought would be challenging but achievable.

What evolved over the past four months has both amazed and inspired me. Incredible people from all walks of life and almost every corner of the globe jumped on board to help. They blogged about the fundraiser, displayed the “Metallica baby widget” on their sites, and spread the word via all their social networks. On Twitter, the hashtag #IndiesUnite4Joshua was an active 24/7 stream and a hub of support.

I wish I could personally acknowledge everyone who helped, but that wouldn’t be possible here. What I can do is direct you to connect with some of the most supportive and wonderful people you’d ever want to meet. Find them on:

~ Twitter—Pull up #IndiesUnite4Joshua and follow a fantastic worldwide community
~ IndieGoGo—Generous people who funded and left comments for Joshua
~ The Gallery—Supporters who did videos and donated perks
~ The IndiesUnite4Joshua YouTube Channel
~ The Spreecast Party held May 25th

Over the next weeks, I will contact everyone who funded Indies Unite for Joshua to help redeem their perks. My goal is to get this done as quickly as possible. If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to contact me at:

eden [dot] baylee@rogers [dot] com

The fundraiser on IndieGoGo may be over, but it’s far from over for Joshua. Read Max’s latest post and find out how you can continue to help. I’d also highly recommend you pick up Max’s books. He has a beautiful way with words, and sales go to help Joshua as well.

I’d like to offer my heartfelt thanks to everyone who helped with Indies Unite for Joshua. If we were strangers before, we are now friends. If we were already friends, we became even better friends.

It’s been an honor and a pleasure,




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27 responses to “#IndiesUnite4Joshua ~ IndieGoGo Ends but it’s Not the End for Joshua

  1. Applauding your hard work, Eden. Well done!


  2. Excellent job, Eden! Well done, everyone who supported the cause.


  3. Huge congrats and a big high five for all the hard work…Thank you for everything Eden.


  4. Eden, bless you for your efforts and generous spirit.


  5. Casey Sheridan

    Excellent work, Eden! *big hug*


  6. R. Jeffreys

    Such awesome news!! I posted a final ‘push’ on my fb wall this week, so hope that helps the funds to continue to come in. Unbelievably excellent work you did for this most important cause, Eden! Go Joshua!!!


    • Hi Jeff,
      All funds will be graciously accepted on Max’s blog after today. Thanks for sharing and putting Janis Ian in touch with the campaign early on. Your help was really appreciated. Thanks, hon.


  7. Just wanted to say that I don’t want to claim any of the perks. You’ve done enough already, Eden, so have a few minutes rest when you would have been dealing with mine? (However, if my perk had have been a poster of you in your swimsuit, climbing a rock, then I wouldn’t have written the above. I’d have contacted my lawyers if it wasn’t dealt with forthwith… if I had a lawyer.)

    You did amazing. You are such a brilliant, beautiful soul. xoxox

    Now, it’s time for Josh to fulfil his part of the bargain by getting better, graduating college, making oodles of money and then giving his parents an early retirement to compensate them for the stress he put them through. 😉

    So much love in #IndiesUnite4Joshua – just want to say to the rest of you who are reading this, thank you for lightening my heart.


    • Oh my goodness – the lovely Les Floyd. Thank you for your comment, which cracked me up, as you so often do. I think you know how incredible and immense your help has been from the beginning. You inspire thousands daily to help themselves and others, and your constant good energy was always appreciated for Indiesunite4Joshua.

      I agree Joshua needs to get better. There is so much more in this life for him to see.

      Thanks, as always, big-hearted man,


  8. Thank you, Eden, for everything. You have made a difference in so many ways. All those who helped put it over the top have my eternal gratitude, but YOU… I’d send you my first born, but he’d enjoy it too much and Joshua would miss his older brother 😉

    lots of love ❤



    • Ha Max! Your first born? It would be MY pleasure to have him visit, but you’re right, I think Joshua needs his big brother.

      When Joshua is CURED, and YES, I dare use that word with cancer, (because it is possible) … you and your family are always welcome to cross over the border to my neck of woods. Much love always,


  9. Yay! So fantastic! What a great job we all did. So proud of everybody!


  10. Hi-5!!! It’s hard to believe that these four months have gone by so quickly. I have met some truly amazing people throughout this campaign and find it very encouraging to know that the world is filled with such selfless and generous people. I am honored to have been a part of such an amazing community and am ecstatic that we reached the $10,000 goal.

    We love you, Eden! xoxo
    And Max, you have gained a lifelong friend.




    • Sharky, I consider you one of those authors I knew before indiesunite4Joshua, whose blog I read and enjoyed, but I got to know you much better during this fundraiser, and it was a privilege. Thanks for doing a video, sharing, donating all the royalties from your book to the cause, and for just being a constant source of support.


  11. Can’t thank you enough for organizing all of this, Eden. It was great to be a part of it and meet some awesome new folks while helping Joshua in the process.


  12. YAY!! So amazing what we can do when we all come together! This makes me a tingly and giddy–we rock! And Eden, you beautiful, amazing, incredible woman–thank you for starting us all on this journey to help Joshua. XOXOXOX


  13. What a incredible journey this has been. I came late to the party but I was watching it for a while and I *did* come. When I finally arrived-I held my breath, “Will we make our goal??? It’s so close!”
    You guys are rock stars, long may you par-tay! XOXOXO
    Marianne -> HUGE leukemia-hater!


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