What a Party it Was! #IndiesUnite4Joshua on @Spreecast

The party to celebrate the wonderful people who’ve been part of the Indies Unite for Joshua fundraiser happened last night, and it was a huge success.

Maxwell Cynn and I were joined by so many supportive friends, and the amazing Lorca Damon, who produced the show wrote about it on her blog. It’s a hilarious postso don’t miss it!

If you were unable to attend the party and want to see the fun, please check it out HERE.

Donations are being accepted for Indies Unite for Joshua until May 30th, and we are just $300 from our $10K goal.

Your continued help with spreading the word will get us there.




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8 responses to “What a Party it Was! #IndiesUnite4Joshua on @Spreecast

  1. I’m so thrilled that we are near the goal…Everyone has worked so hard and this is so amazing.


  2. I watched it while you were sleeping. Sadly, you partied while I was sleeping!
    So close it is amazing!


  3. I had the best time doing the Spreecast! I KNOW you guys will meet that goal. It’s such a great cause and it’s being supported by the most awesome people ever!


  4. Sometimes I hate my slow internet– this was one of them. I caught snippets. What a great job so many people have done and all for Joshua!


  5. Lance

    amazing, him the video and you for being so diligent.

    its a honor knowing you


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