UPDATE to #IndiesUnite4Joshua ~ The Final Push to $10,000

To join our Worldwide Party on May 25th, scroll to the bottom of this post and RSVP. It’s going to be FUN!

Wow! It’s hard to believe we are coming around the bend of this race, and the finish line is almost in sight! As of this writing, Indies Unite for Joshua, the fundraiser to help author Max Cynn’s son who has leukemia is counting down the last 21 days of its campaign.

This fundraiser began Jan. 31st. It’s been a long haul. Many people have worked tirelessly to get us to this point.

To recap: The money will help pay for medical expenses for Joshua not covered by the family’s insurance. $10,000 won’t pay for it all, but it will help. The goal is aggressive but it’s achievable.

What’s going to get us there? PERSEVERANCE. Here is one of my favorite quotes on the subject:
“It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer.”

~ Albert Einstein

Many have said to me they wished they could do more. They felt tweeting about the fundraiser was not enough, or $10 was too little to give, or writing a blog post wasn’t helpful. My response has always been the same: “It ALL helps because it ALL ADDS UP.”

By continuing to spread the word on all your social networks, you will connect us to more people who can donate. By making a small donation of ANY AMOUNT, you will get us to our final goal.

Whatever you’ve been doing has gotten us this far, so I urge you to PLEASE KEEP DOING IT.

To keep the momentum going, here is what’s happening over the last three weeks for Indies Unite for Joshua.

(1) The VIDEO RALLY continues to the end. You’ve seen some wonderfully, talented people on IndieGoGo’s centre stage. If you missed any of them, you can find them in our Video Gallery or on our YouTube channel.

(2) We have three more terrific people on video over the next week. They are:

Rachel Thompson (May 11-13)

James (Jaime) Clark (May 14-16)

R.B. Wood (May 17-19)

(3) Maxwell Cynn will be front and centre on IndieGoGo MAY 20 – 30. You won’t want to miss Joshua’s dad or his inspiring message.

(4) Max will be blogging over the next few weeks with several guest spots. He will provide details on his blog and via Twitter.

(5) BadRedhead Media donated two social media packages that were snatched up early in the campaign. She has graciously donated ANOTHER PACKAGE. Grab it now! Details on IndieGoGo.

(6) Excellent perks STILL AVAILABLE for donations of $10 – $150. Please check out all the great books and services. Remember, each donation also receives an e-book from Maxwell Cynn. Details on IndieGoGo.

(7) Fabulous music for the next three Mondays to keep everyone upbeat and inspired. I’ll post all links to my Facebook page and Twitter. If you missed this past week’s choice by the Beatles, here’s “Come Together.”

Last, but certainly not least, we are HAVING A PARTY. And we damn well deserve one!

The always awesome Lorca Damon, who wrote about the fundraiser in GoodeReader is producing a SPREECAST for IndiesUnite4Joshua.

Come meet Max, Lorca, and me, and ALL the incredible people who’ve been part of Indies Unite for Joshua on Twitter and elsewhere.

Chat with us LIVE on SCREEN or via TEXT. Bring your favorite beverage, let your hair down, join us! It promises to be wonderful time!

IndiesUnite4Joshua Worldwide Party

Friday, May 25th, 9:00 PM EST


**A webcam & FLASH are required to be on video**

Everyone is welcome. Save the date!

Many IndieGoGo campaigns go into their final weeks less than 50% funded, yet they end up MEETING AND SURPASSING their targets with mere hours left on the clock.

I have every confidence we will make our goal. Together, WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the life of Joshua.

I look forward to giving you all a HIGH FIVE on May 30th.



22 thoughts on “UPDATE to #IndiesUnite4Joshua ~ The Final Push to $10,000

  1. Reblogged this on Chazz Writes and commented:
    This is such a great cause and we’re in the home stretch for this fundraiser. Check it out. Donate and get the perks, too!

  2. Hey Eden. Wanted to say thanks for doing all of this and I hope we really get this funded. It’s been awesome to be a part of this. I had a thought. Could we try to do matching drives of some sort? If a few of us could say, hey the next $25 dollars will be matched or something to that accord, we could ramp up donations towards the end. Just a thought

    1. Hi hon, thanks for being so supportive for this fundraiser. You’ve been amazing. As for matching, I think you and I have experienced first hand how difficult that is (#twobucksaday).

      If we had large corporate sponsorship, then it’d be a different story. We started very much as a grassroots endeavour, and as indies, many don’t have deep pockets, but they certainly have a hell of a lot of heart. Leveraging that and continuing to make connections to others, spreading the word to friends, family will get us there.

      Have truly appreciated your friendship and support throughout.


  3. I get that, Eden. But I’m also thinking small. For example, pick a date next week and on that date the first $10 bucks raised on that day, I’ll match. Let me know if you want to.

  4. Reblogged this on jbcultureshock and commented:
    I’ve been supporting this cause in the only way I can at the moment- by spreading the word. Please take a minute to check it out and see what you can do. Even if it’s just a share or a retweet of her on twitter every little bit helps. Plus, there are some cool videos to check out.

    1. You’re ace, hon, and so appreciate the reblog too. Thanks for being such an avid supporter. Spreading the word is a HUGE help, and EVERY BIT HELPS!

  5. You’ve been doing an amazing job with the campaign. It’s so refreshing to see so many people coming together for Joshua and his family. You and everyone involved are so AWESOME!

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