Am I Too Anal … for Book Two?

I was going to name this post “Am I Pedantic?” but instead, I went for the double entendre. Writing erotica should be fun, and I consider double entendres a whimsical part of it.

So … the question is “Am I too anal to write another book?” The answer is yes, but considering I’m anal about most things I care about, I don’t see this as a negative trait.

I’ve been working for some time on my second anthology, Spring into Summer, thought I had it done months ago, then completely rewrote the stories. It’s been back and forth with my new editor who is fantastic, patient, and has improved my writing tenfold. The road to this book has been longer than the first. Some call it the Sophomore Syndrome. I prefer to think of it as the I Really Don’t Want This Book to Suck Syndrome. It’s both a blessing and a curse when people expect something from you—a blessing because they’ve probably read the first book and want another, a curse if you can’t give them what they want—when they want it. There’s no one who expects more from myself … than me, so I tend to overcompensate. In my head, I’m saying “You want A & B? Sure, I’ll give you A & B, but I’ll also give you C, and maybe for good measure, I’ll throw in D.”

See what I mean? ANAL.

In a recent conversation with a writer friend, I confessed I couldn’t grind out a book every six months. Though I have a self-imposed deadline in mind, life has a funny way of intervening. I re-shifted my priorities for a few things I thought were more important than getting my book out by spring. In doing so, serendipity stepped in. That’s when I decided to make some story changes. Changing anything in one’s writing takes longer than expected—at least it does for me.

Spring into Summer will come out this summer, and the stories represent the best I’ve written to date. In every area of my life, quality trumps quantity, and so it should for my writing as well. It might take me longer to create my “backlist,” but I hope you’ll agree it was worth it.

In the meantime, the book cover has been decided. As the companion piece to my first book, Fall into Winter, you’ll notice it has a similar look and feel.

I can say with almost 99% certainty the cover will not be changing. 😉

Hope you like it.




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45 responses to “Am I Too Anal … for Book Two?

  1. Narendra

    Very inviting cover! I love it. I can’t wait for the book to be published!!


  2. That’s my girl. Never sacrificing your integrity for the sake of a commercial deadline and for the sake of quantity over quality, is why I admire you. And, let’s face it, one of the interruptions in your progressing this book has been the extraordinary amount of time, energy and emotional investment you have committed to IndiesUnite4Joshua. Come on, you should give yourself a break!

    I was tempted to start this comment “Anal, my arse” but resisted.. well, there I go again! 😉


  3. First thing, Eden. I love the cover! Can’t wait to see the top half in your next two books. I Tweeted your icon above and I was at a lost of what to say, lol. I mean hundreds of things ran through my mind but– can you say that?

    I enjoyed your first book and have no doubt I will enjoy this new one!

    Best of luck and I know you’ll have great success, Judge Eden


  4. Lol, I call it ‘the just as I think I am done’ syndrome!

    Good luck, Eden. Glad you are keeping the cover.


  5. justinbog

    I love the new cover and your new writing state of mind — also, that vodka flavor made me laugh wondering if pedantic pairs well with cranberry juice.


  6. Eden, I love the new cover…I can’t wait for the book to come out…I’m so happy you have the new cover…


  7. Scott

    Wow! Glad to hear your new editor is working out well for you. No idea you were not “feeling it” with your previous editor. They were too small maybe?!

    How was the Porn Awards? Did you say hi to Cheryl and Ryan for me?!!

    Hope things are going well and keep being anal … that’s what we love about you! Just don’t stress out about it. Your stories will be great!

    Love the cover … when can I get a pic with her!!!

    Take it easy and look forward to seeing you on the 1st.


  8. Marian

    yes, i want another! but i am so willing to wait, until it is JUST RIGHT. besides, Fall Into Winter can be read over and over 🙂


  9. Now I have TWO books to get rather than one! YAY! I love your writing and I’m pumped to get your books 🙂


  10. Lance

    you had me at yellow bikini.

    I think our email exchanges have shown that while I need an editor for even my dumb emails to you, I
    m also anal, pednatic or just obnoxiously peculiar. This is why we’re friends.

    I want a signed copy of this book. Please.


  11. LOVE the cover. And I understand all too well how you feel about second books. However, in all modesty, your first book was way better than mine, so I had more room to grow. That said, I look forward to your book “coming” out. (That’s a terrible double entendre.)


  12. Remember, a writer is someone who writes, for whom, when, what, does not matter. The work is done when you feel it’s done and you’ll know when that is, deadlines [self imposed or otherwise] be dammed.

    ‘Dorothy, we’re not in high school anymore.’


  13. The cover is cool! Looking forward to its release.


  14. Woot woot new book yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

    PS — I like the cover. 🙂


  15. Jason Darrick

    I love the subtlety of the cover, great choice. I can relate to your “quality over quantity” mantra, I’m much the same way. Life does have a way of intervening with every venture, and we must adjust.


  16. Reena Jacobs

    I’m loving the title theme. Did you have that planned when you originally came up with the name Fall into Winter?


  17. Mary Louise

    Great cover Eden. Look forward to reading what is inside.


  18. HOW DID I MISS THIS??? Amazing, Eden–so excited for you 🙂 The cover is delicious and I’m certain the novellas are as well… can’t wait XOXOXO


  19. Mae

    Can’t wait for the release of Spring into Summer!


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