Musical Mondays – ‘Round Midnight with Miles Davis

I go to Miles every time I think of subtle sexuality. His playing just sets the mood.



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9 responses to “Musical Mondays – ‘Round Midnight with Miles Davis

  1. justinbog

    Miles at every soulful midnight🙂


  2. Got this track by MD, and play it often. Youre right, it is cool and sensual. Dinner Jazz.


  3. Miles is good at anytime.

    I used to listen to him in my favroite college apartment my last year of college. My friends would give me a hard time and ask me if I was a 60-year-old man. I’d shoot back, “nope, I just have better tastethan you. Miles is brilliant.


  4. The brilliant music men are all here🙂 Thanks Justin, John, Lance for listening.


  5. Oh I love his music…Such an amazing man…


  6. I love jazz, but I’ll admit… Miles isn’t to my taste. Neither are Coltrane or Charlie Parker. I like the swing and big band sound era much more.


  7. R. Jeffreys

    Miles Davis is liquid love, oozing from the end of his trumpet….
    Thanks for another great Musical Monday, eden!


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