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Indies Unite for Joshua presents a VIDEO SERIES

Starting today,  Indies Unite for Joshua has gone LIVE with SOUND and MOTION!

I’ve introduced a video series to infuse energy into the last half of this fundraiser and make our goal.

The campaign is to help author, Maxwell Cynn’s son, Joshua, who is battling leukemia. The goal is $10,000 by May 30th to reduce some of the medical costs not covered by insurance. We are just over $5600 and would really appreciate if you donate and/or spread the word.

Some amazing people have hopped on board to help with the video series. You’re going to see and hear familiar faces like never before!

Read about all the wonderful people who’ve donated books and other services to the fundraiser. Every donation gets a book from Max as thanks for helping his son, and there are amazing perks still available.

Please help a fellow author any way you can. Any amount can be donated, and it ALL HELPS. Donations can be made here via Paypal or credit card.

You can also watch all the videos on Youtube. A channel has been set up specifically for Indies Unite for Joshua – IndiesUnite4Joshua.

Thank you SO MUCH for your continued support,




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