Musical Mondays – Everything I’ve Got by Blossom Dearie

I love her unique voice and piano, and the lyrics of this song are wonderfully playful. Playful is always sexy. 😉




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12 responses to “Musical Mondays – Everything I’ve Got by Blossom Dearie

  1. Lance

    I feel like I should be clinking mimomas and discussing the news of the day over eggs benedict.

    Thanks for the atmosphere and light start to the week. Have a great day, E


  2. What a fun song! A great Monday treat.


  3. Thanks Lisa, xoxo


  4. I love your taste in music..You and I differ so much in what we listen to but I always enjoy the stuff you post.


  5. Haven’t heard her for years. I went to see her perform at Ronnie Scott’s when I lived in London back in ’71. Quite unique, almost comical, teasing, little girl voice that was far better than it seemed to be when you first heard it. Great and under-rated jazz singer, in my view. Thanks for the reminder, Eden.


  6. R. Jeffreys

    Never heard, Blossom Dearie before, Liked that toe-tappin’ beat and the sardonic lyrics were a hoot. Thanks for starting my day off on a high note, eden!


  7. Playful is definitely sexy!

    Never heard of her before…


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