Musical Mondays – Try a Little Tenderness by Otis Redding

This man drips sexiness from his pores. Love.




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16 responses to “Musical Mondays – Try a Little Tenderness by Otis Redding

  1. Eden. You’ve put the tingle back in my groove! Only Otis can say it like that!


  2. Probably his signature song, although ..Dock of The Bay” is iconic. The man tragically didn’t live long enough to realise what a soul legend he would become. Only 26 years old when; think what he might have achieved if he hadn’t died in a plane crash..


  3. Lance

    “all you got to do is take my advice, you’ve got to hold her, don’t squeeze her, never leave her, you’ve got to hold her”

    without listening to Otis, I took his advice this weekend. He’s right, it works.

    great start to a long week, you’re the best E


  4. You always post such wonderful music…Thank you..


  5. Now this is the way to start the week right!


  6. I’d first heard this song as a cover, in the Commitments film. It was only later that I first heard Otis’ version of it.


  7. R. Jeffreys

    One of my favorite artists and songs. Thanks for sharing this, eden! I’ll try a ;little tenderness, today…


  8. justinbog

    Otis can rock on into the future any day of the week . . . I love this seminal moment in music history.


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