Musical Mondays – The Jam – A Town Called Malice

Love this song and the lyrics, and it’s fitting as I’m not having a love affair with my city at the moment.

” … And stop apologizing for the things you’ve never done;
Cos time is short and life is cruel –
but it’s up to us to change
This town called malice… ”




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15 responses to “Musical Mondays – The Jam – A Town Called Malice

  1. Lance

    Here’s the deal, you could kill a guy and I’ll defend you to my dying day because you like The Jam.

    Just makes sure it’s a bad guy who likes Nickelback.

    Great way to start the day, on Monday. You’re the best.


    • Ha! Lance, you’re the coolest.
      I’m a fan of the Jam, but you are a FANATIC! No worries,I will never kill a man (not intentionally anyway)…agree about Nickelback too hehehe


  2. I can’t believe I never heard this song before. I am listening now! Lol! Thanks Eden.


  3. Marian

    yes! great song and thanks for getting me on my feet on a monday morning, eden.


  4. I’ve not heard this song before…Why haven’t I? No idea..Thank you for posting it….


  5. Brings back memories! More DH’s taste than mine, but I still flash back to college days when I hear it. 😀


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  7. Anyone who’s a Nickleback fan deserves to be tormented!


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