Musical Mondays – Republica – Ready to Go

Monday – another week. Are you ready to go?


11 thoughts on “Musical Mondays – Republica – Ready to Go

  1. Yoooo, I’m ready to go! This song screams of driving somewhere fast; going places; moving on. Gets you going. It seems this wasn’t on Republica’s debut album, although became well known on later albums.

    1. Hi John! I like the pace and energy of this song and vid, though I’m not a fan of all their music. Thanks for commenting, lovely.

  2. The singer and styling (minus some obvious Brit pronunciations) reminds me so much of Patty Smyth from her Scandal days a long time ago now. The bouncing around in Goodbye To You, the color red, the hair, the attitude. Thanks for the introduction.

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