100 Word Song ~ Have a Little Faith in Me

This is another entry for  ”100 Word Song” initiated by Lance of My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog.

Rules: Write a 100-word story inspired by a song.

This week’s song is John Hiatt’s  “Have a Little Faith in Me.”

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* * * *

She winced, could barely look at him. “Do you really expect to please me with that?”

“Oh ye of little faith,” he said in a squeaky high-pitched voice. His eyes glistened as he admired the raven-haired beauty. “You’ll see stars after this is over.”

She smirked, turned on her heel, and strutted into the washroom. Upon undressing, she prayed the lights would be off when she opened the door. They weren’t.

“Is this better?” He greeted her full frontal, naked, hands on his hips—all four feet of him.

Her eyes bulged, her hand flew to her chest. “Oh my god.”

* * * *

24 thoughts on “100 Word Song ~ Have a Little Faith in Me

  1. wow! Ha!

    I wish I was that confident. Funny and well written. I love it! what was happening before and after are the best parts. Great job.

  2. Now THAT is the kind of transformation men can only dream about. Then again, I’ve always said the world would be mine if I could walk into a bar, sit down and casually lick my eyebrows into place. 😉

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