Musical Mondays – Janis Ian (Part 2)

Welcome back to the second instalment with the incomparable Janis Ian. If you missed Part 1 which was posted last week, please read it here.

Janis’ humility is a quality I truly admire about her, especially given the incredible life she has led as a songwriter and musician who has performed all over the world from the time she was a teenager. She’s hung out in circles that included Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, and Joan Baez, just to name a few. She’s been nominated for numerous Grammys and won two of them, with her hits “Society’s Child” and “At Seventeen” inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame. To say I’m in awe of her accomplishments would be an understatement.

That’s why it’s such an honor to have Janis’ support for Indies Unite for Joshua. She is donating three gift sets to include a combination of the following works.

Take a look at the wonderful variety of items for a donation of ONLY $50! I know Janis to be an incredibly gracious lady, and those who claim her prize will be extremely fortunate. Imagine having a legend like Janis Ian sending you a package in the mail!

For more details, click on each item:

Paperback copy of Society's Child—Janis' autobiography

A double CD set created to accompany Society's Child

Folk Is the New Black CD ~ Janis' latest studio CD

CD of Billie's Bones—featuring a duet with Dolly Parton

A book of poetry ~ Johnny Cash kept a copy of the original version in his home library!

A concert DVD at the Sheldon Concert Hall in St. Louis, one of the finest acoustic halls in the country.

Don’t forget to connect with Janis on her website for more of what she has to offer, including a concert tour in April. She is also recording the audio version of her autobiography Society’s Child, and continues the work for her charity, The Pearl Foundation.

You can also befriend Janis on Facebook and follow her on Twitter.

If you’d like to make a donation and claim Janis’ prize, please do it at Indies Unite for Joshua.

Finally, it wouldn’t be a true Musical Mondays post without some music, so here is Janis playing “At Seventeen” at a recent event. I absolutely love her words prior to the song—You will too.

On behalf of everyone who’s been supporting Indies Unite for Joshua, we can’t thank you enough, Janis, for your generous heart. 




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9 responses to “Musical Mondays – Janis Ian (Part 2)

  1. Lance

    your passionate support for this cause speaks to your deep, rich character. Glad I know you. For that and the Janis.


  2. Janis has had such a truly amazing career. Thank you to her and to you Eden for all that you have done for this cause.


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  4. Eden,

    It’s so wonderful that Janis is lending her support to the good cause you started. I have to admit that my music education is hugely lacking growing up in China, so I did not know this amazing musician until your earlier post. Thanks for the introduction, and I hope the campaign will go from strength to strength.


  5. It’s so easy to see why the presenter of the BBC’s “Women’s Hour” on Boxing Day was a little overcome by that song. It is also very refreshing to see a woman, who acts her age and is proud of her greying hair; same goes for men.

    Well done, Eden, for embracing the whole Joshua campaign with such aplomb. I admire your own courage.


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