A GODSEND: A Love Story for Grownups

A GODSEND: A Love Story for Grownups was referred to me by friend and novelist, David Lender. I read about the authors of the book on their Amazon page and after watching their video, I knew I wanted to feature them.

Dalma Heyn and Richard Marek have written, edited, and published numerous books. This new venture is their first collaborative effort as writers. I’m sure you’ll enjoy getting to know them better.

Please give a warm welcome to Dalma Heyn and Richard Marek.

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Watch the video

In Dalma’s own words … 

For years, I’ve written about women’s deepest feelings about love, sexuality, marriage, in my nonfiction books,  beginning with The Erotic Silence of the American Wife, and moving on to Marriage Shock: The Transformation of Women into Wives, and then Drama Kings: The Men Who Drive Strong Women Crazy. And my husband, Richard Marek, had edited four books by James Baldwin, discovered Robert Ludlum, and published Thomas Harris, Peter Straub and Richard Condon, among many others. So when we wanted to collaborate on a love story, we had me, this woman’s advocate, filled with women’s stories in my head; and this pace master,  a thriller expert….and we had to figure out how to make our skills work together, and well.

In A GODSEND: A Love Story for Grownups , we wondered: Can two busy, independent adults living on opposite coasts, both with plenty of emotional baggage;  neither one using Facebook or Twitter;  iPads, Match.com or even cell phones… and who have absolutely no desire for another relationship; fall in love?

And if they meet, how will they get together if, combined with their ambivalence,  they don’t use social media or cellphones? This is the crucial question sticking in the quiver of The God of Love, whose career as a matchmaker is on the line unless he can prove he’s still relevant in this world of tweeters, texters and sexters who seem to do nicely without his services. His boss gives him one more chance to work his old magic and get a great love affair going…..or else he’s out of a job.

Enter Evan and Eve. Evan is an outdoorsman, car enthusiast and book anthologist who has given up on love; Eve is a former ballerina who now runs her own Vermont maple sugar farm. When an ice storm threatens to destroy Eve’s maple trees, and Evan’s ex-girlfriend, now ill, begs him to take her in, their love implodes.  The God of Love is powerless to intercede. But the soul of a man and the heart of a woman are stronger even than the will of the Gods, the treachery of mortals, and the power of social media.

Richard and I had a great time collaborating, easier than we had thought—although it took us a long time to get the tone, voice and pace the way we both wanted it. I think the fact that we shared different thoughts about what make characters come alive, and how much time to spend on various parts of the novel, made our journey more fun than it would have been if we’d both come from the same literary place. We love the story, and hope readers will, too. And we welcome, most of all, readers’ thoughts and input.

Read two excerpts: 

Yes, he thought, I’m ready for a woman like you, now. Everyone before Eve was a little girl; even his own sexual experience, in retrospect, felt partial; teenaged. This was a woman to contend with, a woman who needed a grown man. 

He smiled down at her, and his eyes reassured her. “Let’s go,” he said.

“Let’s go,” she moaned. And together, they went.

Eve, rocked beyond joy, felt infused with an immense gratitude, a global sensation of thanks. The pleasures and successes to which she had given her life until now seemed to pale next to this feeling. She understood the price she’d paid for her art….why she’d for so long felt a nagging loss in her heart, in her bones, in her skin. It was not just a hunger for a certain kind of love; it was a need to feel part of the world, of the universe, even. It was a need for this.

* * * *

This was what she most feared in herself—in herself in relation to men, anyway; this reflexive impulse toward cookie-baking goodness, even here in her own home with a stranger. She’d boldly invited this man to visit her for the purpose of an affair, yet here she was nattering on self-consciously like a young girl being hustled off to a drive-in movie by a horny teenager. Could she not successfully play the role of the seductress without feeling as if she were about to be hurled under a train, or hurl herself under one, a la Anna Karenina?….God knows she wouldn’t call herself repressed. Yet some impulse left over from her girlhood had crept over her, something to do with proving to a man you’re virtuous. Something to do with earning love.

Congratulations, Dalma and Richard on your newest venture. May you have every success with your book!

Readers, please take this opportunity to connect with Dalma and Richard and ask them questions!  

Image courtesy of Pam Barkentin Blackburn

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Dalma Heyn’s books, The Erotic Silence of the American Wife; Marriage Shock; and Drama Kings are published in 34 languages and have been bestsellers both here and abroad.  Richard Marek spent 40 years in the publishing business, rising from a junior editor at Macmillan to President and Publisher of E.P. Dutton. During that time, he discovered Robert Ludlum, edited four books by James Baldwin, and published Thomas Harris, Peter Straub and Richard Condon, among many others. He is the author of a novel, Works of Genius.



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10 responses to “A GODSEND: A Love Story for Grownups

  1. Congrats, Dalm and Richard. I wish you all success with A Godsend.




  2. Loved the video. How wonderful to produce a joint project that produces such emotion. Best wishes for the future.

    Thanks, Eden, another book for my TBR pile! 🙂


  3. Dalma and Richard, the story sounds great. I can’t wait to read it. I have it on my wish list at Amazon! After reading your joint backgrounds I can’t wait to see what kind of amazing novel you have “cooked up.” I love the premise.

    Eden, thank you for introducing us to Dalma and Richard.




  4. David, thanks for the referral of Dalma and Richard, eden


  5. Glynis and Ardee-ann, thanks for stopping by and happy to hear you’re adding the book to your TBR.


  6. I must read this book and learn! I wish you much success with this book. The title captured me.

    Thank you, Eden.


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