Musical Mondays – Bright Eyes

Life is so much brighter when shared — a sweet song to close out the month.

Listen to “First Day of My Life.”




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10 responses to “Musical Mondays – Bright Eyes

  1. Lance

    Good song. I like Conor Oberst. Have a great start to your week, Eden.


  2. Don’t you sometimes wish that it’s the first day of your life, so you can make a really great start?!

    Well, I guess we could make every day count :)! Love both the video and the lyrics. Thanks for sharing!


  3. I’ve never heard this song before…Thank you for the introduction…


  4. Very sweet. A lovely way to start the week.


  5. The song and the vid compilation that goes with it are enchanting. Just lovely, Eden. Thank you.


  6. This is the first time I’ve heard this one. I rather like it!


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