Introducing “100 Word Song”

I’m taking part in a 100-word song challenge initiated by Lance of My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog. It ‘s a great way to hone writing skills when you’re limited to a specific word count.

Lance always has a soundtrack, and for this challenge, he even has a 100 word song robot, Leeroy. This story is inspired by Elton John’s  “Take Me To The Pilot”.

Follow Lance at @tlanceb on Twitter, and take the challenge. It’s fun!



* * * *

“Take me to the pilot.”
“What’s wrong?” The flight attendant looked at me dismissively.
“We’re off course.”
“I can assure you that—”
“Don’t assure me.” I got up and pushed her out the way.
She screamed after me. “Stop!”
Running up the aisle, I pulled open the curtain segregating coach from first class and proceeded to bang on the cockpit door.
“Why are you flying over the Atlantic?” I yelled.
I turned to stare at the frightened faces in first class.
One Asian lady said, “We fly to Cambodia … need to go over Atlantic.”
“Cambodia? I’m going to Canada.”

* * * *



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14 responses to “Introducing “100 Word Song”

  1. Short and sweet. Lovely post, and I can picture the scene quite vividly. Great effort, Eden!


  2. Well done. I’d probably have to give up a body part to stop at 100 words. But Twitter is helping, lol


  3. Oh dear!! Update that passport character dear!


  4. Ha ha! Cambodia, Canada, eh, what’s the difference. 🙂


  5. I really like that you wrote almost entirely in dialogue. A well crafted scene.


  6. I agree Danny! Great job Eden – it is much harder to write less than more! I also related on a personal level to your story as I had a real life experience like that in Denmark – asked at the station for the train to Aarhus, hopped on, ticket inspector came along after 45 minutes, looked at my ticket and informed me that I was now in Sweden, on my way to Stockholm! That Aussie accent can really get me in to a lot of trouble…
    This 100 word challenge looks like fun!


  7. Things you never want to hear: ‘“Cambodia? I’m going to Canada.”’
    It’s going to be a long flight for everyone, isn’t it?


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