Musical Mondays – Van Halen

Ah, the good ‘ol big-hair band of Van Halen. I only followed them when David Lee Roth was the lead singer. Now, he’s reunited with them (sans big hair but still a showman) for an upcoming tour.

Jump start your week with “Jump.”




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8 responses to “Musical Mondays – Van Halen

  1. Lance

    Diamond Dave is Van Halen. Sammy Hagar is a nice man who write nice songs and makes a fine tequila. Dave Van Halen is epic.

    I get up! nothing gets me down…..


  2. Hehe, love how you put it, Lance. Yeah, I just never warmed to Sammy Hagar.



  3. Gosh, I had forgotten this song! Now I want to jump up and down doing air punches. 🙂


  4. Oh my god this song! Love it! What a way to start the week!!


  5. David does look rather suitably demented, doesn’t he?


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