.45 Caliber Jitterbug by Maxwell Cynn

One of the most diverse authors I know is Maxwell Cynn. He was interviewed May 13, 2011 for Inside the Author’s Mind and has been a wonderful and supportive friend.

.45 Caliber Jitterbug is an incredibly intriguing title and the latest addition to Max’s growing library. After falling in love with his previous books, CybrGrrl and The Collective, I’m really looking forward to this newest offering.

Find out more about .45 Caliber Jitterbug, and get your FREE COPY for a limited time ONLY! See details below.

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Available from Amazon

It’s the Roaring Twenties in America, but in the South that roar is kept discreetly behind closed doors and separated into “Whites” and “Coloreds” even at the Speakeasy. Jack Spaulding was born and raised in this quiet southern town, but he doesn’t care much for Segregation or Prohibition. He’s a journalist and his best friend was murdered investigating the war brewing between local Moonshiners and the Chicago Mob.

.45 Caliber Jitterbug is a Cozy Romantic Mystery set in Charlotte, North Carolina – the author’s home town. A journalist at the local paper is murdered, a young girl from a prominent family is raped and killed, and a local bartender is shot – all with a high caliber handgun at close range. Jack and an intrepid young legal assistant determined to be the first female lawyer in the state must unravel the mystery and uncover corruption in the seemingly peaceful town.
* * * *

Max is offering .45 Caliber Jitterbug FREE for TWO days ONLYTODAY & TOMORROW. Get your copy now from Amazon.

Thank you Max for your generosity, and I’m really looking forward to reading your book!  

Maxwell Cynn is a freelance writer, novelist, amateur coder, webmaster, and Indie Publisher. He writes an eclectic mix of science fiction, romance, fantasy, and adventure. His short stories are published in sundry media, online and in print, and he is active in the emerging Indie Lit community.

Connect to him at all his various social networks.

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8 responses to “.45 Caliber Jitterbug by Maxwell Cynn

  1. I just started reading Cybrgrrl. Computer geeks are so sexy! Jitterbug is next.


  2. Thank you, Maxwell for the generous gift! The story sounds just up my street.

    Thank you for sharing the news, Eden.


  3. EllieAnn

    This is SO cool! Thanks for sharing. Am going to download it ASAP. =)


  4. Thanks Eden. You rock!

    I hope everyone enjoys .45 Caliber Jitterbug. Grab a copy from Amazon while it’s FREE! If you are a Kindle Prime member you can always download .45 Caliber Jitterbug FREE from the Kindle Owners Lending Library 😉




  5. Amelia, Glynis, EllieAnn, thanks ladies for showing support for the wonderful Max Cynn! I’m sure his book will be incredible!


  6. Max, you are always welcome on my site, and I’m so thrilled to learn your book is now #1 in historical mystery on Kindle! Wheeee!



  7. L.M. Stull

    awww you are featuring one of my most favorite people in the whole wide world!! I cannot wait to read this!!!!!!!!! Max is such an amazing friend, talented writer, and supportive person – I wish him NOTHING but success in ALL aspects of his life!!


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