“Love Bites”

It’s January, the month of “new beginnings,” and I learned something new from a wonderful poet—the word “scansion,” which refers to the rhythm of a line of verse.  He also taught me 4-3-4-3 ballad style poetry, so I’ve composed something here in that style. Hope you like it.


“Love Bites”

I’ve typed so much my fingers hurt
Nerve endings start to sting
An odd yet pleasing discomfort
Reminds me of a fling

The only way to stop the pain
Is bite down on each one
Suck the tips ’til feeling’s regained
Then kiss them when he’s done

He scrapes my skin with his sharp teeth
Licks a trail with his tongue
Leaves me burning from deep beneath
A place where it once stung

Connected and so intricate
Is pleasure with my pain
Small bites that inflame and then sate
Resistance is in vain

His oral skills make me shiver
Unleash a lover’s cry
All too soon I feel a quiver
Exhale a drawn-out sigh



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36 responses to ““Love Bites”

  1. Damn woman that is sexy..Love the photo you put with it..Hotness


  2. Very sensual! Love the rhythm.


  3. Lance

    Please take this as a compliment.

    I usually don’t care for erotica. Yet, the way you use tense and atmosphere and the right adjectives makes me enjoy this style – your style- every time.

    good writing is good writing, you know, dude?


  4. A low rumbling growl would fit with those bites and you would feel a tingle you never had before. And fingertips forgotten.

    I loved your poem. Poets can do things mere mortals only dream.


  5. aaaahhhhhhh, yes, please.


  6. Love the poetress in you, sexy lady. Keep those beautiful words coming and these senses sharp and sensual 🙂


  7. Jim

    Fantastic. Love your play with words.


  8. Jenny

    I really like the flow of this poem and it is sexy without saying too much.


  9. Mark

    Yeah, Love the flow and makes me want to go out there and bite someone.


  10. My word, your poetry gets better and better, M’am!


  11. May

    Nice! Like it lots.


  12. Chills once more! Great rhyming scheme. Might try it myself.


  13. Sid

    Quite the poem to read on a Sunday afternoon. Enjoy your style.


  14. Eden, it’s not easy to make rhyme and meter so sexy. But the scrape of teeth, the seesaw of pleasure and pain…


  15. Is it just me, or is that poem extra steamy?


  16. Larry

    Sexy! Great poem!


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