Musical Mondays – The Specials

Woohoo! Feel the “Pressure Drop.” Less than a week to Christmas – start dancing, have fun, ska anyone?





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5 responses to “Musical Mondays – The Specials

  1. I wish my instincts selecting friends were as good off the internets as they, on. Youre so special for liking The Specials. They were 1 of the first videos on MTV. Good choice!


    • Aw, Lance, what a sweet comment. I think you’re quite special too. I chose the band in keeping with my pressure theme for the month, and this is such a great lively song. I’m hoping the pressure does literally drop for people – it’s nice to remember to enjoy the time with family/friends and not go crazy with the societal demands of the season.


  2. Thank you for the introduction to some great new music…


  3. Wow, it has been a long time since I’ve listened to Ska… I feel like I want to bust out my Doc Martens now.


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