In Conversation with Lorna Suzuki

Come join me as I chat with Lorna Suzuki. She interviews me for her author series, “All Kinds of Writing.”

You can find the interview here and on the Author’s Den.

Lorna is the author of the excellent Imago Chronicles, now being made into a movie.





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4 responses to “In Conversation with Lorna Suzuki

  1. Lovely interview, Eden.

    It’s fascinating that I learn a little bit more about you each time I come along to your interviews – I didn’t know that you meditate twice a day and do hot yoga, although that does not surprise me.

    I did not see any comment space on Lorna’s blog site, so I’ll just leave a word for her too. Great questions and cool site, Lorna 🙂


  2. I love that you were able to spend some time with Lorna. She’s such a sweetheart. Happy holidays, sexy lady!


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