November Schedule

Hi all, my November schedule is now up, and the theme this month is “Patience.” You can find out more under my  SCHEDULES tab.

Enjoy, and stay sexy,




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4 responses to “November Schedule

  1. Karen

    I love the theme for this month, especially since the year is winding down. We need to slow it down before the chaos of December begins.


  2. I agree with you Karen, and thanks for your comment. It’s hard to believe how quickly time passes sometimes.


  3. Jan

    You have a lot on the go Eden, despite that you’re being patient about it! Hahaha


    • It’s good to have stuff on the go. I just want to make sure that I do it with care, and that’s why I’m taking a step back to re-examine a few things with regards to my writing.

      I’ll elaborate more on my post tomorrow. Hope you can drop by then.



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