Humour, Fruitcake, and “I Love Lucy”

It’s humour month, and I heard the funniest thing last week that I just had to share it. I took my cousin Susan, out for her birthday, and we got on the topic of the worst jobs we’d ever had.

She definitely took the cake when she told me she had worked on an assembly line—for fruitcakes nonetheless! Her job was to put four cherries on top of the round fruitcakes—2 green and 2 red. The green ones had to be placed across one another, as did the red ones. When she tried to change it up a bit, she was scolded by the manager for her creativity!

“Who knew that people eat fruitcake all year round?” she said.

(No kidding, I don’t eat it ANY time of the year).

I thought her story was hilarious, and it reminded me of the classic candy factory scene from “I Love Lucy.” Even though this clip  is almost sixty years old (1952), it’s still one of the all-time comedy greats. If you’ve never seen it, you’re in for a treat. (All puns in this post intended)! 

Comment with your worst job ever and enjoy the video.


18 thoughts on “Humour, Fruitcake, and “I Love Lucy”

  1. I kinda like fruitcake. But only once a year and with plenty of brandy. Worst job ever…hmmm. I’ve had some jobs that most people on the outside THOUGHT looked great–but the people I worked for/with were so abysmal I was miserable. I think the worst one was working as a sales rep for a private investigator. That gumshoe treated me like I was his valet or something. Just awful. I should write about that…hmmm.

  2. I once did job support (supported employment) with a guy working on a production line that made wrapped sandwiches for shops. His job was to place on a slice of cheese and a slice of meat. Mine was to place on 2 slices of tomato and a piece of lettuce. He wasn’t keeping up so I had to do his too and it ended up like that. Thanks for reminding me of that – LOL x

  3. That clip is hilarious 🙂

    I have never eaten fruitcake and I never will. There’s something wrong about torturing fruit like that.

    Oh, and my worst job? I was a dancing hamburger for a fast food chain one summer. I’m sure I’m responsible for the therapy bills today of the children who saw me. I know *I* need therapy. Probably not for the same reason. Heh.

    1. Hi Netta!
      A dancing hamburger? Oh lord…that is so priceless, I can’t even begin to say 😛 I might need therapy after hearing that!


  4. May it wasn’t the worst job, after all I was a college student just working the summer for tuition fees and all, but the ‘line’ at Midland Glass, Cliffwood, NJ, was not real fun. Very repetitive work – get a pallet, lift box of bottles, stack ‘em six rows high, tie up, get another pallet, rinse and repeat.—8 hr shifts, one week nights, one week evenings, one week days. About as satisfying as making out with an inflatable woman [not that i would have any idea what that might be like]. Almost as exciting as pissing into the wind, but not as refreshing. Nearly as entertaining as James Dean’s other three movies.

    In addition to the boredom, the heat was a major issue as this was a bottle making factory. One particular Saturday, in July ’69, it was 104 F outside. As I left the factory that day at 4PM and walked into that 104 F New Jersey summer, if felt cool!

    Yes,I know that the room we had English in had no windows and was ‘hot,’ but nothing could ever compare to that factory.

    1. JJ,
      Somehow I just cannot imagine you doing any “heavy” work! As for the inflatable woman…I hear they make them very realistic nowadays…almost feels like the real thing (not that I would know, of course) 😉

  5. My grandmother’s friend makes a delicious fruitcake, but I’ve never eaten the store-bought kind.

    My worst job was working for Merry Maids. The other girls who worked there were straight off Jerry Springer and they kept getting into “back off my man b*tch” fights in the locker room. None of them wanted to work with me for some reason.

    1. Hi Marjorie,
      Hehe, I wonder why they didn’t want to work with you…could it be you had a few more brain cells than they did? God, I hope none of them called you Marge…
      eden 😉

  6. Hey, what do you have against fruitcakes? I don’t mind the occasional fruitcake (yeah, at Christmas time!) but that’s not to say that I would consume a whole lot. Not all fruitcakes are made the same, though you might never know, since you’ve steered away from them. I do like the west indian version of fruitcake, called ‘black cake’. Since it is inspired from the islands, it certainly isn’t low on the rum! It’s rich and full of flavour, besides it does give you a nice buzz!

    My worst job had to be working at a local independent run donut shop. I think I was paid $4.85/hr on the mid-night shift alone and the job responsibilities included serving customers (some customers are just so demanding and rude), clearing and cleaning tables, washing toilets (disgusting!!) and cleaning after the baker! At the end of the shift, I smelled like deep fried donuts on my clothes to my hair…ick! And to top it off, the owners lacked any sense of business savvy or interpersonal skills! The things one endures as a youth to get a job. I wonder now a days if a teen would even do half the stuff I did?! Was a crazy or what! So, the next time you go into a donut shop, show a little heart and give the wait-staff a smile. They deserve a bit of kindness too!

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