Changes to Media

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve made changes to my website and blog to:

~ Remove duplicate information or pages with low viewership.

~ Free up space on my website for upcoming books.

~ Provide streamlined navigation between both and external sites.

* * * *

Deleted from website

1) EXTRAS page:

Free reads have moved to the BOOKS page of my blog.

Videos have moved to the VIDEO page of my blog.

2) LINKS page:

Links, Twitter, and Facebook can be found on the left-hand margin of my blog.

New to blog 

1) EVENTS page: Scroll to read about an event.

2) VIDEO page: Scroll to watch a video.

Added to YouTube

Six videos to my own channel. Feel free to subscribe and be apprised of future events. Likes and comments are always welcome. 😉

* * * *

Thanks for your continued support as I move toward the release of my next book, Spring into Summer. 

Stay sexy,



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