Erotica in the Cage

24 hours to write a story based on a prompt – Sound easy?

Not when Al Boudreau writes it. (He looks sweet and innocent, doesn’t he?) 😉

Al’s Cage Matches are legendary events of blood, sweat, and tears. Now, spanking, gagging, and kilt-wearing cheerleaders have been introduced with the latest Erotica in the Cage.

My opponent Amelia James and I received our prompt Saturday at noon and have been writing furiously to get our stories in by the deadline.

Al’s previous cage matches for Thriller, Fantasy, and Horror have drawn in crowds, but this one could be a record breaker.

Both stories will be posted on Al’s site at 1 PM EST today. Drop by, read, and vote. The winner will get an interview with Al on his fabulous site.

Thanks Al, Amelia, and all the wonderful people who’ve cheered us on for this event!

Stay sexy,




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11 responses to “Erotica in the Cage

  1. C’mon Eden, you can take this chick, I have faith in you. Write on, sister, write on!



  2. You’re one of my heros, Eden! I’m cheering all the way for you! Al’s a lucky man– I just hope he has a doctor standing by, LOL


  3. Wow, both the stories were really great! I am rooting for you Eden!


  4. Can’t wait to read and vote!


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