Musical Mondays – The Rolling Stones

“Let’s Spend the Night Together” concludes this month’s theme of “night,” and ironically, when the song was first performed in America on the Ed Sullivan Show, the word “night” could not be said on air.  Instead, they had to say “Let’s spend some time together.”

It’s hilarious watching Mick singing and rolling his eyes!  Enjoy the lovely Englishmen.

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16 thoughts on “Musical Mondays – The Rolling Stones

  1. This is one of those songs that will always be memorable. Thanks for sharing today .

  2. Ah idols of my youth – he doesnt think much of substtiuting ‘time’ for ‘night’ does he? – really tames the song down – they were ‘dangerous’ because they sang things such as ‘let’s spend the night together’ – the Beatles only hinted at it at that time – thoses were the days children, those were the days!!!!!

    1. Hi Alberta,

      I’m with Mick, I wouldn’t have liked censoring myself either! That Ed had a big show but some prudish ideas – certainly by today’s standards.

  3. I love the roll of his eyes, you could see he was struggling with not coming out with night.

    I saw them live when MJ was 60, he had more stamina than his younger self!

    1. Ha! Glynis, I know. It looked like the whole band was struggling not to blurt out the word!

      Must say…the English were more liberal – they didn’t censor words from this song. Thanks for your comment, lovely lady.


  4. Oh..what a trip down memory lane. Charlie Watts looking bored as he always does…but he is good! Thanks for the note on the eye rolling….didn’t notice that the first time I saw this video. May I add a particular attention to the hair cuts? Mick’s especially. A sign of the times indeed!


    1. Hahaha Danyka, I know what you mean about Charlie! He’s still so cool though!
      Yeah, Mick has a bowl cut for sure! eden xxoxox

  5. That’s so funny that “let’s spend the night together” was considered too risque for TV. My how times have changed! Censorship aside, this is a great song!

  6. My goodness they’re young on that video. LOL! And those outfits! Oh man!
    I loved the the eye roll Mick did. I would have done the same thing.

    Great song and great choice this Monday, Eden.

  7. OMG… he looks so young. That is Mick Jagger, right?

    You know, my husband has never danced with me. Not even at our wedding! Bastard. If Mick Jagger can go on live TV and do whatever that thing he thinks he’s doing, surely my husband can attempt to dance with me. I’ve got to show him that video. haha

    1. Reena, you’re a hoot! Yes, that’s Mick all right with the worst haircut known to man, but a sign of the times!

      Hahaha, let me know if your husband wants to dance after seeing this…he may just say – no bloody way am I going to make a fool of myself like him!


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