Interview with BookingIt

BookingIt is an independent reviewer site, and I first connected with Katie when I did the incredible Ménage A Blog which will conclude this weekend. Katie provided me with a positive review of my book—I got an “A,” WOOHOO!

She also asked if I’d like to be interviewed—one of her very first author interviews, in fact.  Well…I did it and she was a pro! The questions were fantastic, and I especially enjoyed her “lightning round.”  So much fun!

You can read my interview here. 

Enjoy and stay sexy,




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8 responses to “Interview with BookingIt

  1. Carol Romanella

    Good interview


  2. Loved the interview! But I gotta say…I’m a little surprised that no one mentions me in it.

    (total joke, folks — Eden will get it)


  3. Yeah but I’m a lovable nut case. (The most dangerous kind)


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