Black Ink, White Paper

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve been invited to join an author’s collective by my mentor and esteemed writer friend, Kate Austin.

You may recall I mentioned Kate in my blogs and interviews as the author who helped me through some tough times when I was trying to get published. I’ll never forget the words she told me on a day I was feeling particularly low. She said, “Sometimes persistence is even more important than talent, and you’ve got both.” With those words, I pushed forward, and the result was my book,  Fall into Winter.

Needless to say, I’m honored to be part of Black Ink, White Paper, a collective of eight other incredible authors. I’ll be blogging once a month, alternating between personal and writing topics.

Today is my first post as part of the group, and I invite you to hop over as I talk about some of my favorite things.

Enjoy, and stay sexy,




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2 responses to “Black Ink, White Paper

  1. Great blog..Congrats on getting the invite to be part of the group…


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