Awaiting Atwood

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At the end of November, 2010, I wrote a post called  Succulent Wild Woman: Beth Mairs. That was not long after I started my blog, and I showcased Beth as a woman who inspired me. (That’s her on the left with her partner, Betty Ann. Don’t they look like they’re having fun?)!  At the time, Beth had just sold the outdoor adventure company she founded some twenty years earlier and was re-inventing herself as a filmmaker under her new company – BAM North Productions. It’s barely been six months since then, and Beth is already thick in the promotion and shooting of her second film, Awaiting Atwood.

What inspires me most about Beth is her fearless sense of vision.  Awaiting Atwood is being marketed as a feminist adventure film parody, and it’s been blessed by Ms. Margaret Atwood herself, award-winning author of numerous books, including: Edible Woman; Alias Grace; and Lady Oracle.

The film is about two middle-aged women who mistake an obvious prank for the truth. They set off for a summer of adventure believing their literary and feminist icon, writer Margaret Atwood, has invited them to stay with her in downtown Toronto. Themes from Ms. Atwood’s best-loved novels are peppered throughout the film.

With a little less than two months to go, the film is hoping to raise a total of $8000 to help cover production costs. I’m donating my book, Fall into Winter, as part of the incentive prize for anyone who pledges $100 toward the film’s campaign. There are also options to make donations for less with excellent perks.

Independent films start with big ideas, a burning desire to tell a story, and little budget. What Beth and her team have done in a short time is incredible and inspiring. Visit Awaiting Atwood on the Indie GoGo page  and watch the hysterical trailer.  If you think this is a worthy project, please help by making a donation or spreading the word via Facebook, Twitter, and e-mails. No gesture is too small, and every little bit helps.

You can also connect to BAM North Productions on Facebook , and follow them on Twitter.  You’ll no doubt be inspired by their sense of fun and adventure!

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14 responses to “Awaiting Atwood

  1. last_lines

    Sounds and looks like an interesting film. Checked out the video which is very funny. I love Margaret Atwood. Great post and thanks for sharing about this project.
    – Kim


  2. Draven Ames

    What a good post, Eden. I wish I had money to give, but any excess we have gets sent to family members in need. In today’s economy, we have to help one another. I hope the film gets off of the ground. It is really cool to see you donating your book. It gives some great ideas for other authors to help other artists. We all need to stick together.

    Beautifully written and inspiring.


    • Aww… Draven, thanks for your wonderful comment. As authors, we do have so many ways to help others. I’m glad you found the post inspiring since it was meant to be about “inspiration,” and that comes in all forms.



  3. It sounds like a wonderful film Eden. It must be a pleasure to know these great ladies. I wish them the best of luck with it. Thank you for sharing.


  4. WOW Eden- I haven’t even had my coffee yet- and here pops by surprize- this beautiful endorsement and gesture of solidarity from you. I just-oops!- missed getting the recycling and garbage out to the road, sitting here re-reading your piece and following the links! The BAMs may be knee-high in empty cans this morning but GIRL are we happy! Hello and big hugs to you and your readers and friends. I really do think I’d better make good and send you an erotic poem and some cookies!!! and SOON!!!
    xxx the BAMs
    ps we will be filming in Toronto shortly. Gonna be FUN!!


    • Beth ! So thrilled you are well and happy, despite the empty cans! Yes, send me that poem and cookies anytime. 😉
      I’m not sure if Toronto is ready for you and your crew – we’d better hold on to our hats!

      You’re doing great ! Keep it up!


  5. Great post 🙂 It sounds like it will be a treat to watch the complete story. Good luck with your fundraising.


  6. I think this sounds really cool and interesting…Wishing you all the best…Hope it all goes well…


  7. That movie sounds really good.


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