“Coming at Sea”

I’m currently in Barbados, and it’s impossible not to feel inspired to write here.

Another author told me awhile ago I should write erotic poetry. I had never considered it, but I thought I’d give it a shot. Rebecca T … this one’s for you. Enjoy and stay sexy,

* * * *

Coming at Sea

Foamy white caps
Crash against the beach
She rushes toward it
Chasing it until it recedes into the sea

She jumps the swells
Twisting and throwing her body against the waves
Pushing farther and farther from the shoreline
Swimming furiously toward the vastness

Finally calm and quiet
She bobs like a buoy while removing her bikini
And watches the breaking of waves
Far off in the distance

Floating on her back, she closes her eyes
Allowing the water to embrace her naked body
Wetness beneath her, heat above her
Sandwiched between sea and sky

Push and pull of the ocean
Caresses her breasts exposed to the warm breeze
Gently she touches herself
Stroking the wetness between her legs

The fantasy is exquisite
To have the sea as her lover
Carrying her to the depths of pleasure
Unlike anything she has ever known

As the heat beats down on her
She is invited to open up
To breathe deeper, harder, and to finally feel
The rise and fall of coming at sea



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15 responses to ““Coming at Sea”

  1. Rebecca Treadway

    I like this a lot – most instances of eroticism or romance at sea is typically with a partner 😉 Good job for “giving it a shot” :p


  2. Barbados – how fabulous for you! And that is a very lovely poem.

    Have a great trip!


  3. Eden wow..I really like it…Is there anything you can’t do? You are one talented woman…


  4. Eva Von Pelt

    Beautiful, Eden…the ocean is amazing in so many ways : )


  5. Draven Ames

    Very nice poem here. I like that you used the ocean as your lover. Coded and gentle, it lulled me in carefully. Thank you for sharing,



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  7. You are obviously enjoying your time in Barbados.


  8. Mmm, naked in a Barbadian sea or a cold and wet English winter? Hard choice to make… 😉


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