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I never thought I would say this, but I actually love Twitter. I just surpassed 1500 tweets and don’t have a clue when that happened! All this to say that I met this week’s Fabulous Femme, Rebecca Bond, on Twitter—which is another reason for me to love it.

Rebecca’s mysterious eyes connected me to her. It was like one of those paintings—no matter where you were in the room, her eyes followed you! She also intrigued me with her Twitter name—Miss Rebecca Bond. It made me think she was just slightly naughty, which is a good thing! She writes romance and erotica, loves NYC, and is a daily moaner. I love that last one. Anyone who moans daily deserves a following—a huge one!

The social networking platform can be very large, but it’s amazing how writers are connected to one another. You will find this out when you read more about the third Fab Femme of the month—the alluring Miss Rebecca Bond.



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Bewitched by the vibrancy of city life, Rebecca Bond currently resides in London with The Boy, her fella of eight years.  Originally from the sleepy Fens she uses a combination of urban and rural inspiration to carve stories steeped in fantasy.  As long as there’s a good coffee house nearby and chocolate is always within reach, Rebecca happily breezes through life and the hurdles it throws in her way.

Rebecca’s debut publications appear in the recently released anthology, Uniform Behaviour, edited by Lucy Felthouse.  She is currently working on a number of shorts and putting the finishing touches to her first novella, so more stories will hopefully be with you soon!

Purchase Links for Uniform Behaviour

Rebecca has various stories on websites, including The Erotic Woman, Erotica for All, Indigo Ink and Art, and Every Night Erotica websites.  For a full list of titles, plus free-reads and all the Miss Rebecca gossip, pop over to her official website.

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Inside Rebecca Bond’s Mind

Which words or phrases do you most overuse? Gawd, oh so many!  In my writing, I’m a real rotter for over-using words like ‘softly’ and ‘gently’.  ‘Delicious’ is another personal favourite of mine, which you’ll see popping up all over the place.  I really should sort that out!  The real Rebecca throws phrases like, ‘I’m not gonna lie…’ and ‘just putting it out there…’ into everyday conversation like no-one’s business.

What turns you on creatively? Darkness.  Darkness really gets my creative juices flowing.  I’m someone who much prefers imagination to reality and so when alone, in the darkness and the silence, my mind feels truly free…able to run amok amongst thoughts so lavish and lurid that (delicious) words of the fantastic can be woven.

What is your idea of perfect happiness? Well, the ultimate idyll for me is to be cosied up in a Manhattan apartment writing for a living, a cute little kitten at my feet and The Boy with his arms around my waist.  However, in real life, I’m at my most relaxed when cosied up in my London abode with The Boy, embracing our silliness and just enjoying being us.  I know, I know, the excitement is killing you, right?!

What quality do you most admire in a man? Strength.  Not physical as such, but emotional.  To be emotionally strong and grounded, knowing how to retain composure in the most stressful of situations, bringing a sense of calmness and serenity to all those around you.  Yes, strength.  And a little bit of dominance because, well, for me that’s a little bit of a moist-maker.  Mmmmm, yes Sir!

What quality do you most admire in a woman? Perhaps rather oddly, I admire a woman who isn’t afraid to show her emotions, to allow others to see what she feels and when she feels it.  That’s not to say I like to see grown women crying all the time, no, but I admire those who channel their emotion into strength, whether it be joy, sorrow, pain, mischief, and ultimately being strong enough to achieve a goal so fantastic that would otherwise have remained unaccomplished.

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? Being Sebastien Chabal’s girlfriend.


If you could choose what to come back as, what would it be? Hmmmm, maybe a kick-ass NYPD Detective, crime-fighting my way around Manhattan.  No, I’m far too lazy for that so I’ll go with a cat – spending all day long licking my paws and purring my way around a nice big bed.  In New York (obviously!) Purrrrrrfect!

What do you consider your greatest achievement? Being able to write for an audience other than myself and for my work being accepted.

What is the trait you most deplore in others? Dishonesty and betrayal.  It’s a strong word, but betrayal is, for me, the worst thing I have ever experienced, a feeling that I hope to never feel again.

What is your present state of mind? I’m currently relaxing in a converted barn in rural France, deep within the Loire Valley.  The fire is roaring inside, the sun is shining brightly above the fields outside.  My present state of mind is pretty darn relaxed, full of lazy nothingness.  It’s a very happy place to be.

What is your favorite curse word? Easy. “Fuck.”

What is your motto? Don’t be a stranger to yourself.  Be your best friend, your mother, your lover, because if you turn on yourself, then you can’t blame others for turning on you also.  Or, on a happier note – Just Smile!

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15 responses to “Inside the Author’s Mind – Rebecca Bond

  1. Fab interview, ladies! I’m happy that I can call Miss Rebecca Bond my friend, but it seems I still have a lot to learn about her… 😉

    Have a fab weekend everyone!


  2. A very excellent interview!

    Rebecca, I think your alternate profession of choice is quite admirable and I think you would be really, really good at it.


  3. Great interview!

    It’s nice to learn more about Rebecca.


  4. Thanks for having me Eden – it’s been a blast! And as for my alternative profession, Lisa’s right, I would be sooooo damn good at it *closes eyes & drifts into a dream-like state*

    Happy Friday everyone!!!

    Miss Rebecca


  5. Great interview….It is fantastic to get that little extra look at another author…


  6. Jenny

    I think it’s funny that Rebecca refers to her S.O. as “the Boy!” Never heard that before! Thanks for a fun interview.


  7. Sasha L

    One of my favorite movies was “The eyes of Laura Mars” with Faye Dunaway – it was a movie from the late seventies, and Miss Rebecca has those same eyes – intense and haunting.


  8. This is great! So with you on the darkness thing too. Every good idea worth a damn has come to me in the dark.


  9. Hi all, thanks so much for dropping by and leaving a note for Rebecca. It’s greatly appreciated! It was really wonderful getting to know her.


  10. Mary

    Thanks for introducing Rebecca, Eden. She sounds like quite the fireball! Great interview.


  11. Mae

    What a candid and refreshing interview! Great interview!


  12. Thanks for all your lovely comments guys! And how great is Eden for hosting these interviews?!


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