I Won an Award!

Wow! I was given the Stylish Blogger Award this weekend by fellow writer, R.B. Wood.

I am both surprised and honored to receive this. First of all, let me tell you a bit about R.B. Wood, whose first name is Richard. He intimidated the hell out of me when I first met him. He had a great website, spoke with an authoritative voice, and had that aura about him—worldly, well read, too damn smart. Smart men intimidate me, I guess, but I’m all about conquering my fears. I thought the best way to do that was to submit an entry for Richard’s Word Count podcast, an excellent program for new and established writers to gain exposure by reading their stories.

Since doing that, I’ve discovered Richard isn’t so scary after all. Actually, intimidation of him quickly turned to admiration, so when I learned he had won an award, I was thrilled for him and immediately wanted to find out more.

The Stylish Blogger Award is given from one writer to another for excellence in (a) writing (b) maintaining a stylish blog (goes without saying), and (c) being an all-around nice person. Okay, so I made up that last reason, but I don’t think you get handed many awards when people don’t like you.

I’m happy to say that I like Richard very much. Any man who thinks my writing can spontaneously produce orgasms is all right in my books! More importantly, he’s a hard-working, supportive author who writes in many genres, including urban fantasy and science fiction. Currently, he is seeking representation for his first novel, The Prodigal’s Foole.

Because I admire Richard, it was even more humbling to find out he had passed the Stylish Blogger Award to me. I am very pleased to accept it, and as a recipient, there are three things I’ve been requested to do.

Firstly, talk a bit about the person who gave me the award—done, with pleasure. Now you all know Richard better, and he’s a pretty nice guy, isn’t he?

Secondly, share seven things about myself —done, not with pleasure. See below for some not-so-interesting facts about me.

– I’m 5’2” on a good day and can’t break 104 lbs no matter how much I eat.

– I play guitar and blues harp (both badly).

– I’m a perfectionist and a nerd…okay, I’m a perfect nerd.

– I’m a night owl and consider sleep to be an annoyance.

– I’m fiercely loyal to people I care about.

– I love power tools and would have made a great carpenter.

– I’m a minimalist and require little to make me happy.

Okay, and now for the final requirement—this is one I really enjoyed doing. It was to list five blogs I thought also deserve the award. These are blogs I frequent and read, and ones I feel merit recognition for their outstanding writing or design or both. I only wished I could have showcased more, but here they are—listed randomly.

WORD WEBBING – LITERARY HOME OF ANNETTA RIBKEN There are few women who can rant as well as this lady. With her latest article entitled: “Hello. You Look Stupid. Let me Bend You Over,” you know you’re in for a real treat! Her book, Not Nice and other understatements – A Journal of Flash Fiction is currently available. Discover the acerbic wit of “netta” by connecting here.

INDIA DRUMMOND I first met India while fumbling my way through the social network. She’s an excellent writer with a superbly designed blog. Her articles are always informative and fun to read. India likes books with fast action, scary killers, fantasy worlds, and smutty sex. Maybe even all four at once. Her novel Ordinary Angels debuts from Lyrical Press on April 4th, 2011. Connect with India here.

PATTI LARSEN It’s so nice to come across a fellow Canadian writer. Patti lives in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island and recently sold her first book to Acorn Press with plans for world literary domination, and she’s going to do it too! Patti writes YA and Middle Grade Paranormal novels, but also dabbles in sci-fi for teens and adults as well as fantasy and Adult Paranormal. Connect with Patti here.

THE FECKLESS GOBLIN This site invites you to “Join The Feckless Goblin and send your soul straight to Hell.” Now that’s an offer I can’t refuse! I love to be scared, but not by bad writing, and you certainly won’t find that here. Ziggy Kinsella writes horror, dark fiction and provides excellent writing tips. He also has wonderful guest bloggers, and I was fortunate to have been one of them. If you want to read some clever writing, visit Ziggy here.

MAXWELL CYNN I recently discovered Max, and I must admit, I adore him. He muses on the art and business of writing, and he is a man with many talents—novelist, freelance writer, amateur coder, and webmaster who writes an eclectic mix of romance, fantasy, and science fiction. He currently has two novels available on MobiPocket and Kindle Reader, which will soon be coming out in print versions as well. I’m reading CybrGrrl and loving it!  Connect to Max’s blog here.

Thanks again, Richard, for this award. I’m thrilled it gave me the opportunity to share it with other wonderful writers.

Stay sexy all,


16 thoughts on “I Won an Award!

  1. Yes, way to go and those seven facts about
    you were VERY interesting!
    I`m off now to read more blogs…

  2. Yay!! Eden deserves all the awards in the world! ALL of them! You love power tools – ADORABLE and sexy!

    You picked some fantabulous blogs too. I agree about Richard. I too was a little scared of him at first! And I mean that in the most endearing way possible 🙂

    1. Thanks L.M., and congrats on your win too! Yes, I’m fond of these bloggers and of Richard too. So I wasn’t the only one he scared off? Glad to know that.

  3. Eden,

    I always knew whatever you touch will turn to gold, it’s just YOU…


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